Nvm edit contacted support


Was about a cheater in a battle but found the address of who to contact so taken the post down its not needed. Thank you.


This just happened to me. I was winning 2 to 0. I let my opponent kill my dino so i could transfer a fresh, faster dino. I attack with what should have been the match winning move, then it shows my dino as the winner, but says my opponent won, 3 to 1. And took 28 trophys from me.


Does the report a name under settings not do anything? Or is that literally just to report inappropriate names?


I have had 3 differant battles where on a finishing attack my dino does 0 damage and the players dino comes back with a huge critical hit that kills even fresh dinos. Also game will count down for the player to respond and after it reaxhes 0m:00sec it will freeze and crash. When i start it up again it says “opponent won” and take my trophies… Please fix this.


Its very likely that this isn’t cheating but some glitch. The other guy was probably just as surprised as I was.


In response to Alex we both had the same Dino out so it very well could have been my Dino and just the saying opponent wins and took my trophies. I just assumed it was his since he won but since in your instance it still showed your Dino when it Happened it most likely was mine too.