NY Stormfly's Training Requirements Wrong?

The requirements show yellow scales. She’s purple so it should require purple scales.



I thought so as well…

But I also had the thought that it’s perhaps there are yellow bands decorating her body. Hence the yellow scales.

But that’s hella extra ain’t it?

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@Marcus @Ned could we please get response if it is intentional or it is a bug?

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This confused me also having just got her & expected it to be purple!?

Hey Vikings, our team is looking into it! Thanks for letting us know.


The dragon says it needs yellow scales in the description, but you offer purple ones to buy, so is it a bug that makes you use yellow ones or by design? Either one of these is a bug. Just figured I’d ask for clarity, thanks

yellow or purple for train ability? that is, a purple dragon or a yellow dragon? I started as purple, but the level is moving slowly … I’m confused:) new years stormfly is a yellow dragon? purple?

:slight_smile: level up: purple? yellow? @ned @marcus

whether it’s a bug or by design, this is what happened in my own training of this dragon… using purple dragons to level up yields more percentage for leveling up skills (i tried both and yellow scales didn’t give the bonus percentage), but it did take my yellow scales for training to the next star-level, as shown in the photo… :thinking: confusing indeed. i’m interested to find out what ludia has to say as well… cheers

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I believe I used yellow. Is this going to roll back?

Will do, thanks!

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i certainly did use yellow scales for the training… i’m waiting to hear back on another issue, which i sent to the support team a few days ago. should i just inquire about this as well once i hear back from them? thanks

Is the New Year Stormfly supposed to use yellow scales to level up? I only ask because she is obviously a purple dragon and on top of the the training pack offered to level her up included purple dragon scales.
I went ahead and leveled her up with the scales I already had for yellow but I found this to be very odd.

Hey Melanie_Mahaffey, it is supposed to be purple. Our team is aware of this issue. :sweat_smile:


So what should be the color of NYSF? Mine is still showing yellow despite it looking purple?

My in game support function is bugged as well so I couldn’t talk to anyone about this issue. Any thoughts on what I should do?

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They’re working on a fix for it. But yes, it should be purple.

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