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Obligatory "I failed the Epic Strike" post

Tried twice.

Lost both times to a 5% Pounce crit from Blue.

I have no words.


Did you post the same stuff on reddit?


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Yup. Character requirement.

Well, I’m sick so I couldn’t even go try the strike tower. I bet I would’ve lost anyways so I’m not mad.

Your not alone mate. Go dart Indo and try forget about it. No one wants to hear us whinge. I could complain about it all day but it’s not going to change anything, so I’m trying really hard not to be a sore looser and get so affected by a silly game.

I would suggest you buy lotteries today! :wink:

I also failed twice. You’re not alone.

Don’t sweat it guys! Next week will more than make up for it :wink:


Can’t fail the strike if you never attempt it


I lost once to some real bad luck too. First strike I’ve ever lost.

I was up 2-0 with DG2 swap ins. Killed both indoraptor and stygi. Blue comes out with my locked down DG2 and kills it with Short Defense. Expected. But what happened next was wild.

I bring out a level 28 Spinotasuchus to bleed blue for a surefire win. No cleanse, after all. So I queue up my bleed and get one-shotted by a 5% critical chance pounce.

Then i panic. I bring out Indoraptor at 29 and stare down a shield, thinking ok I’ll just evade, then cleansing impact when the shield is gone for the kill. I evade, it CRITICALLY STRIKES AGAIN hitting THROUGH my cloak and dropping me to 2000 health. Then I hit that cleansing impact, and never get to see it, because pounce ALSO HITS THROUGH CLOAK and just to add insult to injury, is ALSO A CRITICAL HIT.

3 critical hits in a row. Two hits through cloak. Blue swept my team.


Wow that’s some horrible luck there. I think it makes me feel better I’m not sure yet. 1/20x1/20x1/20x1/2x1/2 = the chance of that happening (although I think you would have died even if it didn’t crit on the last turn. That’s like 1/32,000 chance of happening.
I’m still upset due to a 1/5 chance happening.

haha. yep. 1/32000 sounds about right. :slight_smile:

Yeah I think you have me beat. I assume you beat it the second time around correct? At least your BS was confined to one battle.

200 bucks for a retry? Sure. Beyond that it’s not worth it anymore.

Yeah. No problems the second go. But my goodness. I was stunned.

I fear thursdays temperature more then that 5 stepper lol

the epic strike this week was not meant for novice players. i applaud those that did it with lower teams. to account for crits is the issue. you must have a solid plan to defeat it.

Failed 3 times. Followed someone else’s advice 1st time and list. 2nd had a perfect strat, dinos switched up… 3rd time it half stun didn’t stun and I screwed up… had Tryko set to kill Indo who came out 2nd, shield up but he evased instead of cleanse, so I figured he would then do DSR so I hit ID, and he just armor striked… Then killed me… got him down and Stygi which was last to 104 health but had to high health dinos left… sucked

I also lost once because I missed two 75% stuns in a row from my stegoceratops followed by a crit on blue’s pounce, any of the tow stuns landed would result me a win, or without the crit I could swap in my stegod for the win as well.

Kinda felt better after reading the failed attempts from here :joy:


I won and got 1700 tarbo out of my inc and the rest was garbage if that makes you feel better… concavenator and alanqa for epics