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Obligatory Speed tie thread

Me at the start of this tournament: Well, this one ought to be fun. I’ve already reached my coin goals, so my placement doesn’t really matter too much.

Me after losing 1 battle to a lost connection, 1 battle to RNG and 1 battle to RNG and Speed ties: :expressionless:

In any case, the only real problem here is that last one. The speed tie system is still absolute garbage, so every time you have a negative experience with one in the tournament, be sure to vent about it here.


Speed ties are Horrible I lost 2 battles because of it :rage::rage::rage:


Ngl I’m getting more frustrated with the amount of immune dinos… AGAIN. Ruins the fun of these tournaments.

That said, speed ties suck too. Can’t believe they haven’t worked out how to do them better.


We can’t complain about speed ties - when the survey came out it’s what we voted for.

What I will say is this. The servers for this game are complete garbage. I have really good broadband and yet 2 out of 5 matches have I have lost connection so have had to reboot subsequently losing the match up.

If I go onto the in game chat, same issue - mixed up messages, no order to the requests etc… servers again I guess.

So go to the map and surprise, surprise… the map is empty so it’s time for the umpteenth reboot of the day!

I can stream a full hd movie, download a movie in 2 minutes, play online wireless on 2 PlayStations simultaneously but I can’t play this game without having to continually reboot it, so it has to be the servers.

That’s not true. That was “famous” survey where lots of players couldn’t participate due to their technical error. Some players reported, though, that were able to vote more than once.

Speedties are horrible, but “speedtie” bug is even worse. You basically lose a match, cause you win speedtie. This bug was implemented after that survey.

We need either solution for speedties or bug fixed.


Another match lost thanks to the speed tie, but more importantly, the move cooldown delay that affects certain dinos.

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+1 had to rework my team to be 90% immune to be able

immunities have destroyed the game experience.

something must be done.

maybe limiting each kind of type of dino to avoid it.

full advantage of immune over others so far.

Daryx here, useless.
Tenontorex, useless unless a Zor against.
Toura, the same
Dilo, Utarinex…
Tanks in general useless.

Typical team so far seen with slight variations

Some Turtle Lions


Of course we can. Didn’t Ludia ignore that survey when they nerfed Cautious Strike?

Speaking of speed ties, I just lost 2 matches in a row to a Mammolania speed tie at the end :expressionless:

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Prorat? Nemys? No, rather Mammoth hybrids. Moth and Lania are extremely powerful, Therium is very strong too. They are all stronger than Prorat and Nemys

Just because the majority voted for speedties to stay as they are doesn’t mean we can’t complain about that

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the majority of the people who could actually vote so results aren’t even near from reality

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This tournament, i have lost every single speed tie. It was above 20 speedtie loses in a row. I ve lost willingness to compete anymore. I hope that 1490 will be enough for top 50

The stupid speedtie problem also shows how unbalanced this game is. We all have tons of creatures to choose from, but the majority of players goes for the same 10-12 stronger ones… I’ve been having speedties in most of my battles, and of course, lost all of them.


Fingers crossed the update will even out the distribution of power.

Clearly none of you remember me saying what a loaded survey it was!

I hate speed ties, and never win one since I’m in the UK.

They asked about speed ties offering many options including leave as they are. It was inevitable that leave as they are would come out top because none of the other options were great, and none would get an overall win over the status quo we had.

The most recent survey didn’t even mention them as I recall, so it isn’t gonna change.

I think the most optimal choice, would be to add the speed tie as a game-play.
Like… you are facing let’s say… a Magna.
And your Indo G1 is in the same boost tier and everything… so that turn, that one turn right after getting in the match, you get the “surprise” priority.
Let’s be honest, it’s often enough to decide a match, it’s usually used this way and it’s why it hurts so much losing one.
Knowing you are losing or winning lets you plan ahead instead of clicking as fast as you can and hoping the other guy lives in Australia or something.

If they(we) cannot think of a viable solution to the Speedtie problem.Then change the speed attribute from 100 up to 400 and all creatures will have their unique speed number.(This will save the world from a Thor to be faster than a Velociraptor)

Because of Boosts there might be creatures with same numbers
Then leave the speedtie the default one,if there are closer to server the go first.But we will have far less Speedties.

Have we considered…

Speed ties are determined based on how much DNA of a creature you have? Allow people to continue gathering DNA for uniques after they’re level 30 - it’s up to the player how much they want to waste. It won’t be that far off how boosts work.

I’m just thinking of anything. Just lost a couple more due to them. Luckily had Mammolania in reserve for one, who finished off a battle on her own.

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A good and simple option was to give the initiative to the creature that’s already on the field first… At least that would avoid that stupid situation when you already have your creature there and someone sends the same because they know they will probably win.

Though the best option for me would be to take turns.

I feel either 3 ways can help solve speedties

  1. The Creature with the least amount of HP

  2. The creature who was brought out first or last

  3. Taking turns, one turn you, one turn enemy