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Obtainable Boss Update

I just saw the update and see that they have obtainable bosses now. How does that work? Are they kinda like Super Hybrids where you get a certain amount of S-DNA (or in this case BDNA) and then its less after that? Or can you only get one of each boss? Do they rotate?
I have a lot of questions and so do other people probably so I hope this thread helps people (and me) understand this update a little better.

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So you mean can it use in pvp or tournament?
This picture can answer

It from Bagoyee


Here’s a video over a Boss Event


Honest question here, are the events on the schedule needing to have the boss to complete them, or are they supposed to be ways to gather more boss DNA?

If you need the boss to do the events then Ludia expects players to shell out a minimum of, lets see…
6,000 Boss DNA needed, if you do all of the missions that you can do with out spending money you could pick up 3,750 boss dna, leaving you with 2,250 more to go so I guess you would have to purchase 199.96 worth off boss dna (1,200+550+250+250) in order to do the event that is for today and tomorrow.

I guess players better open up their wallets.

I am hoping their are daily missions that will be added to the boss missions (I know I completed 150 worth of some missions already but I cant remember how much each mission was and if any where like daily type missions). The reason being is the rest of the missions that are doable over time with out spending money is 2,200 since the code 19 mission that is worth 50 B-DNA is not possible right now which means if there are not daily missions I could complete all of the missions and still be 50 Boss DNA short 6000-3750-2200=50


How much time will we have to complete the event??

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the event on the schedule showed 2 days for the first which means without spending real cold hard cash those events are not happening for the majority of players, I am wondering if they will be around every weekend basically.


Wow. How do I forget that this is ludia were talking about… Ofc they won’t give anything for free


@Ned @Keith is there a time limit for collecting the B - DNA ?

and @Sionsith it isn’t limited time the events are limited time, I mean who can complete 70 daily missions in 3 days?


Hi Pristine_nightfury,
To my knowledge events that reward B-DNA may be time-sensitive, However, the B-DNA you collect will remain, and when a new event appears it will add to it, much like S-DNA.

@Sionsith the Boss events on the calendar will be repeating throughout the upcoming weeks.


@Keith so will there be new B-DNA missions added in the coming weeks also?

But then how does ludia expect us to complete the 140 daily objectives in a a limited time ? It’ll take 20 days to complete that mission


Even longer I think, we only get 8 daily missions a day


i already have maxed omega 09 boss

Exactly… So how are normal players supposed to unlock the boss in limited time


I dont think that time will be limited, the boss event might stay or be a weekend thing


If that happens then it’s good but Keith said that this even might be time sensitive … Also … If this is a thing every weekend … I don’t think I’m willing to spend 700 DBs every week on that one 140 battle mission

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I was referring to the weekly events as being limited. The missions for B-DNA do not have a timer on them.

Hopefully the Code 19 issue can be fixed since currently there is no way to hit 6,000 B-DNA with the available missions without that 50 B-DNA from that mission.


I think there is a time that they reset, so F2P’s theoretically can get it

how long do you have to complete these boss DNA challenges, there is no timer on the event that I noticed?

I mean the one challenge is 200 daily missions so yeah…

Ya I was just wondering that. I am just trying to get as much of them done as possible. Hope it lasts past the weekend though.