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Obtainable Boss Update

I took my Omega to level 27 and I think I’ll get to 31, then I’ll stop!

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Thanks, I knew I’d seen it but couldn’t find it - I tried searching the forum for Omega-9, looked at the spreadsheet and the wiki, but didn’t think of scrolling up the topic!

Having redone the calculations I will indeed be 1 Omega level short of boss DNA when I reach 400 objectives, that is if I decide to go on fusing 2 lots of caves every 3 days, which is a bit limiting. If only the mission would vary to surfaces or reefs occasionally…

Quick question: what building do you go to to obtain B-DNA?

There is no building. You have to complete the missions in the same place you can see the daily missions and s-dna missions.


Ahhhhh, thanks for telling me.

Absolutely! It seems Ludia is now putting less and less love into making more The Game features evident by their totally lazy way of making Boss incentives to players and directly importing creatures from Alive, and by directly I mean a literal copy and paste. (…Okay fine, I’ll give them some credit for the second to fourth evo looks).

Pertinent to mention that it took them to make an update revolving mainly around bugs. I started playing in February 2020 and every update I’ve seen has some bug or the other. A special VIP mention to the way they didn’t test the VIP building bugs and glitches.

I’ve ranted about this earlier too — that this Playable Boss thing is nothing more than a trap for Post Reshuffle players to spend their time and energy on. Sure we can avoid getting tempted but still, once Ludia made it clear we won’t have unlocks of course most new players especially those not on the Forum will be extremely hopeful that they can get something good out of Bosses. What happens next is obvious.

The previous set of missions were far better than the terrible ones we have now. Of course none of us have unlimited supply of Legendaries or Aquatics so every three days we can’t be expected to keep buying more and more just for Boss DNA that leads to just happiness of seeing us playing as the Boss and for Post Reshuffle players, a chance at some elusive copies, ultimately both of which would hardly even affect regular gameplay after a point as far as progress is concerned.

As someone optimistic about most things I have to say I’m utterly disappointed by the way they implemented the Playable Boss features and events. Only for unlocking every existing Tournament Creature and maxing the rest I’m still holding on to the subscription, but needless to say if I was someone who had everything unlocked and maxed every other creature I wouldn’t hold on to the subscription.


I’m most disappointed about some of the key areas of the game that still need more creatures such as reefs and amphibians, added to the fact that these playable bosses will be taking up unnecessary space in the game, the events just take way too long to do to be enjoyable IMHO.

I fail to see how the boss events will drive anyone to obtain locked creatures when they can just achieve these locked copies through general playing of the game :thinking: I know you and me both fury have scored enough locked copies to not even worry about it anymore that’s for sure, and it’s a patience game also, players that arent patient will most likely not be in it for the long run.

Please ludia your players are more interested in new creatures that actually existed and potential hybrids to help with the end game, not playable bosses that are just gonna fade away into the background just like another gyrosphere event.

At least if we are able to use our bosses in regular PvP/tournament battles with a weekly cooldown I would be more than happy about this as it’s something that can be incorporated into our current way of playing, but a side event that I’ve completely lost interest in doing even if the rewards are slightly better, no thanks.


Absolutely. Ridiculous moves on Ludia’s part to keep tempting players who are Post Reshuffle and still in the beginners/moderate stage of the game.

  • Firstly they lock these creatures for those whose only fault was joining late.
  • They give unlocks for just some of these creatures and not all.
  • It’s revealed there are no plans to have events for them.
  • Laughable odds of said creatures in packs and wheels.
  • Hard DBs or real money for just one copy.
  • Obtainable Boss Update.
  • At times, casually they drop hybrids and are least bothered to see if certain players have been unfairly denied some unlocks.

This is what makes me more and more disgusted by the day regarding the Boss Update and also to some extent the game itself in general. I appreciate that we have fair chances for getting Tournament creatures, rather even more kudos that it’s easier now to make Dominator wins, but we don’t need it shoved to our faces that there are creatures we can’t get and a too bad, so sad situation.


Only if Ludia ingame support were as nearly as vigilant as the forum mods who within a minute of any posts made edit or flag it mostly even though its a meme and give out a ban for absolutely no reason. But atleast they are doing something and hearing players unlike the Ingame developers.


The main need are the one with hybrid,
PYRORAPTOR, giga, euoplocephalus, tyrannotitan, parasaurolophus, superausaure ,metriorhynchus, gorgo ,troodon, metria , segno, nodo , mosausaure gen 2,…
Like give us battle stage unlock for most of the hybrid creature, but make it very difficult to get non-hybridize creature so there is still a collection purposes, because right now we can only get 1 legendary hybrid and 1 tournament with only battle stage unlock(indominus rex and zalmonondon).


Cerazinosaur also… but yeah I hear you

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This conversation is starting to trend off course…

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It definitely is getting frustrating with the new boss missions. I’m struggling because I’m a completionist. But… 5 of my 10 missions that just reset are for fusions. It’s almost making me want to wait on fusing anything ever until the appropriate boss mission drops. And it seems like the goal is to also end up with an army of caves based on how often I get the mission to fuse them!

Just seems like these missions aren’t meant to help game play. Otherwise, wouldn’t there be missions for fusing reefs? Or surfaces? Or any of the cenozoics?

I just don’t understand the purpose. The daily boss battles I just do while doing other things - easy when I just use all attack every turn until my creature dies. So completely agree that they aren’t useful. It’s mostly the completionist part of myself that’s driven crazy by these new boss missions. I guess I should at least be grateful that Ludia switched these back to needing to be done over 3 days instead of just 1 like it was briefly. But also seems like a small thing to be grateful for. Truly wish these missions were designed to help people truly grow and improve their lineups.


It’s a way to waste your DNA, so that it can give you some DNA for an edgy T.rex that can be destroyed by The big-headed Kaprosuchus known as gorgosuchus… and ostaposaurus too.

Let’s continue this in the off-topic thread


Just a reminder… developers don’t get to decide about game features and what they are going to work on. The suits higher up make those decisions. Ultimately they do what they think will continue to bring in money to pay for keeping the game running, they’re not here for altruistic reasons. Only when changes impact the bottom line are they likely to walk them back.

Personally I find the playable bosses a pretty pointless addition to the game the way they were implemented… but as of yet, it’s not something that is going to make me quit. But I’m definitely getting kind of frustrated at so many new legendaries being added, but not any hybrids along with them.


I am getting pretty darn annoyed as well that the ONE boss mission I consistently get every time the refresh is the Hatch 3 aquatics. It’s like they include that one just so we can’t finish all of them without spending resources.


I think we all get the same now, no? I’m trying to remember (mine are done until tomorrow). I believe they are the following:
Fuse 2 caves
Fuse 2 Pterosaurs
Fuse 2 amphibians
Hatch 3 aquatics
Use 40 Carnivores
Use 40 amphibians
Fuse 2 legendaries
Fuse 4 land dinosaurs
Complete 25 daily objectives


I did have that. This time I got, in no particular order and possibly with the wording inexact

Fuse 2 caves
Fuse 2 surfaces
Fuse 4 Jurassic
Fuse 3 Legendaries
Hatch 2 Legendaries
Use 40 Pterosaurs
Open 6 card packs
Buy 15 lottery tickets
Do 25 daily objectives (it might have been less, I finished that one already)
Hatch 4 Jurassic
Build 1 lifesize Egyptian pyramid using original materials in 3 days (that one might not be entirely accurate either).


This time I had fuse 2 reefs and other non aquatic stuff.

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