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Obtainable Boss Update

So finally, I’ve done it, and my sadistic motive got the better of me. This is what I did to the newly added Juggers in his first battle facing his first opponent.

All my anger has been successfully vented and let loose after this deed…

tenor (8)


The real good news is not seeing it pop up on your screen after every login

And again put them in the best place possible

I hope they dont start clogging up my asset repository… I’ve got a lot of useless creatures in there that I dont want these bosses getting in the way of.


Burn… Burrrrnnnnn. :fire::100: @Aether_12
Also, Jurassic Park huh.


Hatching day arrived! Juggers last mission complete, so hatched him and put him next to a friendly neighbour to make him feel at home :grin::grin:

Even had a bit spare to level him up to 11 for the DB and LPs.


Defeated 30 opponents with juggers and got 10 bdna… seems like a good trade off :joy:

Also ludia you need to fix the juggernaut victory animation, camera pans off into the background after juggers has done her little dance lol


You just beat a youtubers who’s been playing since the start of the game.

Got a notification of this video from JWTG YouTube. When I watched the video I saw the same missions which we cleared for Juggernaut 32… Bit late for promoting Juggernaut don’t you think? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: