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Obtainable Boss Update

I finished my set this morning and so begins the long pause of collecting Boss DNA…


I’ve pumped the brakes a bit on the bDNA missions, mainly the use 50-75 of a particular class dino ones. I’m not going out of my way to complete these, if they get done through normal play then so be it if not oh well. They will never get finished through normal play for me though so yeah.

For those that have been leveling their boss I have a question. It seems that when I am doing the occasional daily boss event (the ones that disappear after a certain time limit 24-48 hours. Those events seem to be scaling with the strength of my boss making it just as difficult to get deep into the event with say a lvl 20 boss as it was with a lvl 10 boss. I just want to see if that is the same experience other players are having?

The first creature seems to be the same ferocity level but after that all of the creatures seem to be scaled up in strength based on your boss strength making it about the same in terms of how deep you can go ~3 tier for me unless you happen to draw a herbivore heavy lineup which allows you to take less damage even with a higher level herbivore.


@Sionsith it is not just you, I am also making it only till third tier in most cases.

Hats off to the great planning behind the Boss events :cowboy_hat_face:


I leveled up to L21. I’ve only done the daily ones and I’m was paying close enough attention to say.

All I know, is that I do great until the AI saves 7 or 8 (no block) and than attacks for 6 or 7 likely scoring 3 or 4 hits against me.

Than, I’m down to like 1/2 my original health and the AI becomes much braver in attacking me. I block more, end up with fewer points overall and lose.

Also known as, any tips on how to actually win these yet?

I seem to do the best when I always save 4, block 1 (or 2) and attack 2 or 3. Until the above happens.

The enemies definitely seem to scale along with your lvl

I haven’t been doing many of the boss battles, did one last night and was able to get to prize tier V in the defeat 12 battle. Was totally worth it for the 12k coins i won :confused:


I feel better about the 6,000 food I won then.


I’ve been doing all the BDNA missions and levelling it up but I don’t bother playing the events as effort vs reward is horrible…as we all know. I was therefore waiting until my boss was a high enough level to make it easier to get to a higher tier. This news of scaled difficulty is certainly another nail in the coffin for playable bosses.


I have seen this increase and it is why I am no longer playing the event and no longer leveling my boss up either.

Until ludia change the current reward system omega 09 is currently a giant moving decoration that earns me 6k coin every 2 hours.

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Yes, I believe it is leveling up with us. I played it again after I leveled up to 11 and you could yell the opponent had a little higher stats.

As far as strategy, I usually block and reserve 4 when they have 4 because they usually block and reserve. Then I’ll block 5 and reserve the 3 since they’ll usually attack 5 or 6. However, once you get deep enough, they start attacking when they have 4 moves and they also start saving 7 and attacking all.


What I have also noticed is that the bots are very aware of what class they are also, meaning if they’re a herbivore they will attack low and block high, if they’re an amphibian sometimes I have seen them reserve straight to 7 and attack all out.

Does anyone know what the 4th set of bDNA missions are? I just finished the third set… I guess I’m behind a couple/few days as I didn’t download the update as soon as it became available…

I think that the boss missions are different for everyone, when I unlocked the boss I had complete 25 objectives, use 50 carnivores however checking sionsiths post/video he didnt have these missions within his list.


Yes, I believe mine were different than someone else’s who posted theirs on this forum. I think they had the hatch 30 dinos and I didn’t. I got it later though on the 3rd set of missions. I think there’s a giant missions list and you get a random set of those each time. Kind of like a regular boss battle.

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I have won the boss battles where the cost is 20, the ones that dont disappear when you complete them.

The main one that refreshes each day I’ve only ever managed to reach 3rd wheel, since leveling up the boss I cannot reach the 3rd wheel anymore

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Why am i not able to fight the current boss and it keeps sending me straight to the boss dna

Me also, I say away with useless omega and onto the useful boss!

A bit late to the party here but I totally agree with this observation and wondered if it was just me and my scepticism! I would also say the opponent AI is especially crafty - never attacks when you have sufficient defence but always attacks when you are vulnerable and gambling for maximum reserve points.

I don’t expect the events to be a walkover but the AI difficulty, pricey event fee and the inadequate prizes have really dampened the enthusiasm I had for the boss upon unlocking. As @Aether_12 says, it is now just a cool dino to look at in the paddock as a collectable :confused:


Personally I would prefer if it was removed to save on space for more important things such as new amphibians more hybrids, things that are actually useful in game


What if they had their own island entirely? That would be pretty cool :sunglasses:

If they improved the prizes, such as including S-DNA and removing the paltry coin and food rewards, that would instantly help…

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