Obvious bias in favor of cities

Has anyone else noticed that those of us who live in the country have no where near the amount of dinos, strikes or literally anything this game has as there are in cities. We can cover three times the distance as someone in a city and not see even close to half of what people in cities see in a way smaller area. Basically, if you don’t live in a city ludia doesn’t care at all about you having the same fair chance as those who do. Seriously starting to wonder if there’s any companies left have any type of integrity.


I just moved out of a city to a smaller suburban area and am somewhat interested to see how this goes. I used to bike around the city and there were dinos everywhere! Wonder how it’s going to be now… I can see what you mean though, there was indeed a ton within a small radius of several blocks.


the game is based off google maps.

the dinos are allocated by their relation to landmarks and places which appear on google maps.

there are less locations and places in an urban area than in a rural area, therefore less dinos.

Seriously starting to wonder if there’s any companies left have any type of integrity.

you’re an angry man, joe carter.


I did notice that a lot of supply/event drops correlated with bus stops, which in Edinburgh are about every 100 feet!

Yeah, I noticed on shopping trips before because we have to drive at least 45 minutes to get to a HEB. But that’s to a town that’s not quiet as large as what I consider a city and didn’t really know just how bad it is until I took my father to the city for a surgery this morning. And Jesus it’s bad, like to the point that I’m ready to uninstall the game again. :sweat_smile:

You really don’t realize how that isn’t necessarily true. I live directly beside a state park where there’s plenty of locations on the map and even if you were to ride into the town on the other side of the lake where there’s a ton more marked locations and such then you still don’t see that much more. However if you go to a city it’s literally littered with everything even in places where there’s not much at. So, let’s look at the evidence. Small towns and rural areas that have plenty of Google recognized locations are granted far far less than the least populated locations of cities, hence it actually is biased against small towns and rural areas. And no, I’m not an angry man and would appreciate if you didn’t insinuate that I’m something you obviously don’t have a basis for.

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I live in a country with the most castles and historical landmarks as churches per area in the World. Same the most natural landmarks per area - like 12.000 (twelve thousand) caves on 20K square km ( the area of less than e.g. New Jersey in US). Actually the the country was declared officially as Green Country - 64% of the land is forest, beside Alps peaks, which means that it is one huge park but within the JWA application there it is only one park in the Capital with only few green stops. With the last nerf of green stops I practically have no chance to dart the week featured dinos in a range of few km around my home which is in the middle of the green zone of suburbia.

as has been mentioned, it’s built with google maps. most dinos spawn on the sides of roads and other things that google has cataloged. smaller towns have fewer of these, thus fewer possible spawn locations.

also, probably the same reason cell service is awful in the middle of nowhere, because there aren’t enough people to justify servicing the area.

Im rural to and as with any location based game… there is simply less to do overall… however you get mostly the same experience… i say mostly because today i cant find the fast creaturws strike nowhere by mean while there is 4 of the cunning creatures strikes within walking distance. Yes i cant catch dinos from my home… but i can hit one spawn area at the end of my driveway and it tends to get alot of rares.

As i said in another post with the right route i can hit 25 supply depots… the closest pokestop is 5 miles down the road… i have only located 2 dimensional gateways near me. The only Ar game that allows me to play a decent amount rural other then JWA is Our World…

There is definitely room for improvements, but i can still manage to attempt 99% of the strikes they put out and normally can max my attempts for weekly events. There are plenty of reasons to question Ludia integrity but they do rural better then any location based game ive played yet.


Exactly there are a few roads near me I have to be like ok there is that tree time to turn around Im about to hit a dead zone… lol

Yeah same here at last our transport system is good for something other than getting stabbed for you’re phone :grinning:

Are you serious about the part “getting stabbed” :open_mouth:

Heading over there next month…

Not really that serious but depends what area you’re in and never sit on the back of the top level of a double decker bus that’s where those kinda people like to sit and drink and smoke and be all in all annoying bellringers hope that’s ok moderator :grinning:

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We have plenty of roads, like I said I live next to a state park. If it helps paint a picture for you there is a big lake that makes up most of the park and there’s a cell tower right down the road. It’s a populated area, it’s just in the country. Most of Texas is like this.

Here’s a couple of screenshots for reference.

I live in the D/FW Metroplex. Work all around it. Downtown Fort Worth is a plethora of stuff. But I don’t feel I ever see famine when working in rural areas like Justin or DISH or Ponder. In fact, most of the strike towers this week I’ve gotten on county maintained roads in Justin. I’ve yet to be anywhere like Colorado City, TX. But my map, in general, looks like yours almost all over the Metroplex. Maybe I’m not in as densly populated an area as were before, though.

That does look pretty sparce per road…

All those road off main street are full of depots the one that goes right from the strike is nothing but a corn field.

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I’m also very rural, but work in the city. If one was able to shrink all the county roads and highways to a scale of 1 mile equals one city block I believe the population of dinos, drops and towers would be really close. I think it would be great if Ludia decided to increase the population based on this.

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I am with about a 15 min. car drive to mountains-Alps, or one hour with bike. This is a screenshot in direction to mountains:

. It is a countryside and buildings are in greenery. Map is flat and doesn’t show the relief. There are small parks inbetween buildings and some landmarks but google maps doesn’t show them. We have orange stops and towers but no green stops so no featured dinos. The nearby town is not beter neather the capital as I remember… I was there in September last time.

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Live in a rural area and dino density v. poor compared to city visits. I travel a lot by train to work & get irritated at dinos & drops mainly on roads, train route is a supply drop desert. I’m sure theres a safety excuse for no drops near train lines, but it is a big problem for UK rail commutes - only see drops when railwy passes through a bit of city and even then most out of range as typically rail line not very close to any roads.

I got a train from Glasgow to Kilmarnock “wich I get if you’re not from the UK you’ll have no idea where they are” and I pretty consistently had stops and spins at every train station it passed through and also whenever the train was passing towns I managed to get some quick spins in