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Oct 14 - 20 - Counter Attack and Immune


um, the strikes are IMMUNE themed

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Oh lol I thought usually they name it around the dinos to dart not strike towers.

Can’t blame me for seeing mistakes where there aren’t any.

Immune is Dime and Seco amongst other things right?

There’s tons of immune, even dinos that are immune to specific things.

Won’t it just be the fully immune guys?

Last event was

Common: Galli, Dime G2, Ophia
Rare: Ornitho, Ankylo, Dime
Epic: Seco, Postim, Procera

looks like we get mote dsung again. I still haven’t gotten mine to 15 yet. And rajasaur as well. need a but tone for Dio.

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Grypo Strike and Fisher Theropod Scent Strike.

I need the Rare’s and Rajasaurus this week. Strike towers look interesting.

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It’s great to see that we can get some more Miragaia … NOT
I can only guess Ludia have an internal bet going on as to how much crappy Miragaia dna they can shift in one season. The bloody thing is everywhere, spawning, in incubators, rewards for a month long tourney, I swear I opened the newspaper this morning and 2500 Miragaia dna fell out over my breakfast :rofl:


Best thing I read all day!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Maybe finish dio. And hope for seco from the towers not sure how but im actually kinda low and about to start fusing maxine.

With Raja, I can now add Diorajasaur to the list of ones I can possibly create. I may get enough to get legendary Raja to 20 at least. I have enough of the other ingredients for Dio.

Before I think of starting this guy, I’m 40 DNA from making Grypolyth which I am working on with the sanctuary’s.

I would like to work on Quetzorion but since we can’t do birds in the sanctuary’s … yet … I may go either for Pterovexus or Dio now.

I’m hoping in the mean time they have an event with Nasuto for Carboceratops. My Nasuto is only 12 and would prefer a Nasuto week than some weeks growing it in a sanctuary.

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