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Oct 18th 2019 Bug Fixes

:bug: BUG FIXES :bug:

  • Fixed the Iron Golem freeze

  • Fixed an issue with mimicry ability

  • The Favored Enemy Quests now display the correct monster

  • Fixed the Challenge reward list for Lightfinger Estate

  • (work in progress) timer to reset Guild Donation limits

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Hey thanks for fixing these.

Now - after this fix, when Dominating Dopplegangers, they will not attack other Dopplegangers. FYI :slight_smile:

They don’t attack other doppelganger because they don’t have any attack in this form and all they can copy is a doppelganger

Thanks for the fixes. However, I suggest correcting the PvP cheat and related imbalance which started with the implementation of the Test of Might Challenge or fixing the server lag issue many players are complaining about.

Glad I finished the Guardian spirit favored enemy last night when ogres counted towards my total.

Fixed the damn notification icon