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Oct 8th Leaderboard and Trophies

Hello Adventurers!

The GUILDS & GUILE is about to go live for Warriors of Waterdeep On Oct 8th between 9:00 am EDT and 3:00 pm EDT, everyone with a trophy count above 2200 will be scaled to be between 2200 and 2500 points in order to level the playing field in the Vault of Dragons arena. If you have a trophy count of 2201 or more on Oct 8th, you will be sent a reward…so keep an eye on the mailbox!


Hey @Jon

Thats wonderful news!!!

Per chance, would your team mind scaling the reward base don how high above 2200? Some of us put alot of work in getting to 4k, 5k, 8k, 10k, 20k etc. Thanks!

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Also, here is the news @SweetShay23 !

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Thanks A Bunch @Xx_YESPA_xX !!!:star_struck:
Got To Creep On The Come Up Now :sunglasses::joy:
Might Have To Use Thoes Gems After All!!!

Here we go again, time for @Xx_YESPA_xX to ask for more free stuff again? We’re you not around on August 27th when the leaderboard was launched? It clearly stated it was just for bragging rights and to suddenly change that now without warning would be simply upsetting. It’ll likely payout a similar reward to the first reset.

I missed the cut by a bit the 1st time around what were the leader board rewards the 1st time?

Rewards were small enough to not be memorable or posted by anyone in the thread. In the original post about the leaderboards launch you’ll notice I’m in favor of a tiered reward system, just not a surprise one.

Apache, if you plan on participating in any of my threads, I do highly suggest you keep it proper. Yes a tier’d reward system would be nice, and yes was here for the last just not on forums.

@Brsteelers74 here’s the notification for the reward:

The pack unopened:

And the contents of my particular pack:

The design of the pack is reminiscent of the normal Quest packs (Traveller for 50, Explorer for 250, and Dungeon Master for 5000) but in a colour I have not seen before.

It doesn’t seem to be as good as the Dungeon Master pack, for example:

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I’m all for other people asking for free stuff. It saves me the trouble. :slight_smile:

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Thanks that’s pretty good actually respected less loo

Just this min made it above 2200. Can i still get the reward?

Ahh seems it is still 0330 edt som i should get it😉

I think it’s funny like Joker funny that they reset everything. Lol. I spent 2 weeks to be number 1 on the leaderboards and once I made it I took a screen shot and stopped pushing.

I then just played for the chests and got up to 10,001 trophies to find the leader I was in war with got past 20k trophies. Do you have any idea how much you have to play to get there? And to find out he’s been reset to 2500??? I haven’t stopped laughing all day to know he’s put 5x the effort in for a card pack. Oh well. I have found ways to get to the top easier than before but I’m not going to give my secrets away. And no I don’t cheat. But if I decide to push it will be much easier than last time. By the way if anyone is looking for a strong active guild feel free to join mine. “English Knights” Our guild pushing for #1

I like this update, getting closer to what Clash Royale does. And adjusting points for “end of season” to scale is fair. If you got there before, you will again.

Rewards for arena climbing are fair as well however every tier should get scalable rewards not just 2200+. Some players who are newer or more casual should be rewarded as well. You already have tiered chests :slight_smile:

Requested to join

It’s well past 330 EDT has anyone seen the leaderboards reset and received their reward?