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Oct 8th Scheduled Maintenance

:wrench:Oct 8th Scheduled Maintenance:wrench:

Attention all Adventurers we will be doing some scheduled maintenance tomorrow Oct 8th at 9:00 am EDT to 3:00 pm EDT.

Thank you for your patience!


Thanks For Giving Us A Heads Up👍

Are there update notes posted anywhere? It would be great to know what is coming/changing.

Not at the moment, Mstar. We’ll be sure to keep everyone updated once there is. :slight_smile:


They’ve been hyping the new adventure release for the past week or so. So the release of the new adventure seems reasonable. Also the arena rank reset too. No clue if they have further UI, economy, character/monster balance or other changes in store.

Hoping for guilds possibly as well!

Please. I need something to suck up MORE of my time! :wink: