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October creature of the month 2020

What do you think will be it

  • acrocanthosaurus (you never know)
  • Alanqua
  • Ankylo
  • T rex
  • Bary
  • Allo
  • Diplo
  • Darwin
  • Pachyceph
  • Raju
  • Pter
  • Spino
  • Blue
  • Erliko
  • Sorno (again you never know)
  • Mono
  • Sty
  • Grypo
  • Pyro

0 voters

    • Sinco
    • Kentro
    • Maui
    • Secan
    • Smilo
    • Kool
    • Mammoth
    • Orano
    • Carbo
    • Rhino
    • Scuto
    • Tiatno
    • Eudalo
    • Eudapho
    • Haast
    • Cave
    • New creature

0 voters

Choose only one can’t put all of them in one poll only can have 20

Sonora, but that’s not happening. I’ll take Edapho for the hybrid then, since its locked to parks now. But, knowing Ludia it’ll be concavenator.


I put Allo because I’d rather have my hopes dashed than COMPLETELY resign myself to the negativity of “it’ll be something I haven’t needed in a year”.

I chose Tiatno because I assume you miss-spelled Titanoboa?

The reason I’m picking Boa is because Brachi changed to Boa when 2.1 dropped.

I could do with some Edaphosaurus DNA so I’ll go for her with fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:

Knowing Ludia we’ll probably see more chompers

I would love that.

We need something that hasn’t been up there before. Variety is better than repeating the same old over and over again.


Concave wasn’t before, is it?

I may be wrong but I’m sure she has been.

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