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Odd Battle tactic to forfeit or throw a game?

I’ve had many games where the enemy seems to throw the game by switching back and forth between two dinosaurs. Even when I can see they would have won if they continued to play the game. Each move they make is a switch to the same alternate dinosaur over and over. Never attacking.

What is going on here? Why are they doing this?

I get that and I think it means you are playing an AI opponent.


Are they real people or just bots? If they’re not in the recent opponents list, they’re bots and that’s typical bot behavior.


I’ll have to check recent opponents. I thought it was AI as well but then there were strange (regular) user names for the opponent on the win screen.

Encountered the same. Think too many players quit the arena and they now have to make up using AI. (Same one you got before after losing two matches). Also the lack of players would explain the immense increase of battle timeouts…


Yep, that pretty common for the AI to do.

yO SIEMPRE REVISO los amigos o rivales con los que me he enfrentado, y si juego 8 batallas, no APARECEN TODOS, se supone que lo que no estan son BOTS? O A VECES rivales con criaturas de niveles muy bajos, y sencillos de eliminar, tambien serian bots? Gracias y Saludos.

If they don’t appear in the recent opponents list, they are bots.

Here’s the list of bot names.
Once you know all the parts you don’t even have to check anymore.

For some reason my bots very often have names ending in “nope”.

Anyway, I thought the bots no longer used this swapping tactic. Remember seeing something like that in one of the last patch notes.

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And I ALWAYS REVIEW the friends or rivals I have faced, and if I play 8 battles, they don’t ALL APPEAR, are they supposed to be BOTS? Or sometimes rivals with creatures of very low levels, and simple to eliminate, would they also be bots? Thanks and regards.

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Sounds like an AI

I know that feel, bros. :triumph:

I sometimes swap between 2 injured dinosaurs to maybe bait opponents into using strong moves like rampages or stuns, but I only do it if I have a full health dino lurking around.
I also Swap in injured dinosaurs to save ones with SIA, like monostego

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