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Odd Mod Glitches

Doing my modded PvE event yesterday I was exasperated that some of the Mods don’t do what it says on the description. For example:

So ’ Invigorate’ clearly states that ALL your creatures should have 500 health extra for the duration of the battle. But I find that when I put it on the last creature, when I get to that creature it loses its 500 health bonus before fighting. I tried to take a screenshot showing this happening but haven’t managed it yet, will do some modded PVP after the tournament to experiment.

This is not the only Mod that does odd things, and sometimes peculiar things happen in Mod battles. Recently for instance my Lythronax suddenly had an apparent attack of 3. Luckily when I used him he did his usual damage.

I will try and document these glitches better and submit a report. If you find any examples please add your data to this thread.

It says all allied creatures. Example: you have an Ophiacomimus, a Tropeogopterus and a Tapejalo like in your pic. So if you put the Mod on Trope it improves Ophia and Tape’s health. I hope i wrote what you intended.


Invigorate increases hp of all ALLIED creatures, that being said the dino which has the invigorate mod will not get the HP bonus. Also if the dino with the invigorate mod is knocked out the effect goes and remaining dinos will not have the mods effect.

And yes sometimes the damage numbers goes bonkers in modded pvp. But it’ll always show the right attack amount at the bottom when you use the number of attacks, but on top sometimes it might show a different number. I have experienced it too

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Thank you @Therizino2.0 and @Frozentank , obviously I have just misunderstood what the description meant. I have always used this Mod on my 3rd dino if I am using it, so at least I have got the best use of it.


Also, can i see your lineup?

I imagined a mob to make a dino null like bonitasaura (which is the most bad dino in the game) into a monster of destruction! here it is (the blows received by the dinosaur add to life) ex: an indoraptor level 40 gives you 8 hits, the 8 hits turn into life for bonita, obviously, Ludia will not create this mob, because already the two mob shields, the mob that copies the opponent’s statistics and the cancellation of mob annoys a lot when it’s your opponent who owns it, I can’t even imagine when it’s my idea!

I meant (mod) instead of (mob) stupid autocorrect!

Sure, here it is. Couldn’t show you at the weekend as it was all on cool down most of the time

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And here is the rest down to about the Velociraptors, it would be tedious to go all the way to the L1 commons! Newest dinos are Ostaposaurus and the 3 Diplosuchus. Working on more Ophiacomimus and Tapejalosarus and also Tupuxara to get more herbs and Pteros.

Why haven’t u got shuno to lvl 40? Is there a reason?

I waited until the new missions for the ‘use 400,000 food’ mission, but I always have something to feed and I completely forgot to come back him. Well spotted, I should do that … when I next get that mission he will get his late dinner!

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Best place for this post would be the useful ‘vent your frustration’ topic.

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