Odd sighting today

So tonight I was sitting on the couch watching TV with my wife and I had just opened my daily challenge incubator when I checked the map. Low and behold about 2 blocks away was an ankylosaurus!! I thought they only spawned on Sundays?? I was shocked! Can anyone tell me how this is possible? I attached screenshots to help verify the claim. Thank you for any information!

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Any creature can spawn anywhere, anytime. Anky is more abundant on Sundays, but it can spawn anywhere. Including, I might add, in five-minute grey incubators.


Ahhh thanks! I knew any Dino can spawn anywhere, but I thought the daily dinos were locked to those days. This is a nice little wrinkle add into the game :slight_smile:

The daily migration creatures only spawn on the days they are assigned to. You are seeing anky because ludia included them in the hybrid pursuit this week to dilute the spawn rate of diplod and keep us from being able to unlock or lvl up gemi


I’d like to think you’re being sarcastic… but I don’t think you are. For all the hours I’ve spent hunting since Monday I’ve only found 2 diplo. I mean, I’ve found 3 posti in that time! I think they cranked up everything to thin out diplo spawns.


I have honestly forgot diplo was supposed to spawn. I was in the car for about 10 hours today and I never saw one. I saw a total of 10 epics, but no diplo. Seems we have gotten our hopes up again…even though we knew we shouldn’t :frowning:


144 epics, 0 diplo

I’m not even seeing Ankylosaurus! :disappointed_relieved: The last epic I spotted was Spinotahraptor.

We all know Ludia added Anky this week due to the uproar over the poor JW week line-up so they ninja added a wild spawn instead of admitting their mistake of not realising what’s important to the players and add it to the actual event.

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And these ninja spawns are diluting the diplo spawns which adds to the frustration…

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Your 3000+ unread messages trigger me…
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I’ve only found one Diplo. :frowning:

So you and my wife are one in the same. Didn’t realize that notifications is something that can trigger such serious responses haha. I have finally found 5 diplo but that was only between Saturday and Sunday… Mon-Fri was ZERO!