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Odd Spawn

Woke up to a stegosaurus in my front yard, closest park in 1 mile away. There have been a few other odd spawns this past week as well. Probably a fluke nut makes me wonder if there will be a migration mid update, would be greatly needed. Dream of a day Suchomimus is gone from L4!

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I saw a stray eini a few days ago. I hope you’re right.

I just had a 2nd stegosaurus. Odd.

There is a really small chance that any dino can spawn anywhere.

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I too would chalk it up to this except I’ve seen a couple of stegos today as well where they don’t belong

Yeah…usually once i would consider it but 2x in 1 morning is a bit unusual.

There’s always been a small chance of any dino spawning anywhere, but I’m finding oddballs about once an hour since 1.6.

Para at night in L3, for example.

I’m certainly not complaining- the variety is nice. I am super curious if it’s intentional though.

Before the 1.6 patch came about, slowly there were a few oddballs spawns reported but like metahub says it can happen. However, with the increase number of drops/spawn spots in 1.6 it’s very likely these new additional spawn points are not limited to or restricted to the local spawns only. They rotate around as well possibly to increase the variety as Bunners said. This is probably to please folks that don’t get to see other local dinos because they don’t move around much lol.