Odds Blue, Charlie, Delta, Echo Are In A Future Hybrid?


Trying to figure out if it’s even worth hunting blue this weekend or any of the named raptors right now. Blue is hard to get, but the last update rendered them all useless, unless they go into a future hybrid, which would be kind of silly. What would they even call it? Blueasaurus, Deltasuchus, Charlietodon? Seems unlikley right?

Seems like it makes more sense to use all the attempts on Pyroraptor since we already know a hybrid needs it’s DNA. It’s also very hard to find.




Blue is actually still worth using, probably even more than Pyroraptor in current Meta.


I’m probably going to go 4 pyroraptor and 2 blue. Pyro takes priority for the hybrid. As for the rares I’ll just focus manly on the new dino ornithomimus. Raptors aides from the 2 legendaries are just collection.

Unless you have a lvl 23+ veloci :wink:


I seem to be running into Pyro more but I want Blue just for having her. Stupid ‘unique dinosaurs owned achievement, lol. Her, Brachiosaurus, and one last ‘mystery dino’ are covered grey in my encyclopedia.

I’d have Brachiosaurus discovered in this manner except we don’t have an Apple store anywhere even remotely close to us (damn you, promo events! I curse at thee!).