Odds of Para. Lux spawning more than once a night

Is there a set spawn limit of Para. Lux? Or is it possible to get lucky and encounter it more than once a night?

Some people already have it. For me, I’ve gone out 3 nights now and hot seen one. Keep in mind its a legendary so iys even more rare than an epic

I encountered it yesterday and tonight, but I also walked around for a few hours both nights and got it in the same area.
Not certain if leaving my house made the difference because of the short-range spawns lol, but that was my thought process.
Thanks for your input.

its supposed to be more common than a trex

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I have not seen it at all. I have set off several giga scents at night, even tried a para one to see if anything would happen(prob not in hindsight since the scents don’t have updated creatures and such), I have been on the freeway at night with the giga scent on as well( I was not driving, I was traveling with some friends and decided to play the game) and nothing, nada, 0 para lux

It won’t spawn from scents. It’s a short range spawn only.

ah, I see, ok, thanks for the information and goodluck to you and to everyone else on getting para lux

I still have yet to find one which is frustrating

1 in 250 or 0.4% chance of finding it in a hidden spawn at night. Also apparently there is a limit where Para Lux can only be darted twice in 1 night.

I saw 1 on Tuesday, the day of the new patch. I haven’t seen 1 again until tonight on the way home. Told the wife to turn around so I could get it. Got enough to unlock it and almost to 17. I have to admit Lux is not easy to dart in a car…

I got two in the space of ten minutes last night and got lucky enough to unlock it so it’s out there for sure!

I saw one the first night I went out and none the 2nd night. For those that don’t know it has one of the dart points on its leg as it runs that moves back and forth making it hard to hit. I had to hit 3 of those on my attempt. Hopefully that was just unlucky and they’re not all like that. Lol.

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Not mine though :confused:

Well that picture gives me hope haha, I’m going back on the hunt again tonight.
I have 114 for it so far, hopefully I’ll get it.
Good luck to the ones who haven’t found it yet, hope you do soon :slight_smile:
Ps the leg dart is a pain, I messed it up a couple times.