Of all the sudden


On Sunday I did the ol’ “saw a Baryonyx just around the corner, gotta run out for a sec, honey”, and then later that night while I was out hunting I saw an epic up ahead, thought it was a T-Rex, but it turned out to be another Baryonyx! What a treat, two in one day!

THEN, the next day I saw not one, not two, but THREE more Baryonyx! And two were very close together.

I’ve only had this happen once before, but it was 3 T-Rexes in one day, but not more than one two days in a row! I’m usually happy to just get one Epic in the wild in a day (outside of events), so this was awesome. My Tryostronix is now level 17, and almost half way to 18. I’ve been waiting for her for so long, so it was awesome to unlock and level her up so quickly.

Sorry, I’m beaming, and I just wanted to gush about it. Anyone else have one of these days? :sun_with_face:


Two of them :slight_smile:


Very nice! Haven’t really hunted since sunday but within that 13 miles I made it my mission to find some baryonyx, megalosaurus, and velociraptor to level up the indo, megalo, and tryo. Usually only hunt at dusk/night. Got to say I got pretty lucky, got over 4,000 velociraptor pts , 3 baryonyx, and 2 megalosaurus. Fused and got to level all three of them that night. I’ve been getting food comas and wasn’t able to much lately :joy:


You’re killing me!!
Send some my way… I’ve seen two in the wild since the game began.


I saw 4 total that day…and not one in the 2 weeks since.


Only with common velociraptors. XD My favorite dinosaur since I was a little girl. I did freak out when I found Echo in the wild though. Didn’t get all the DNA to create her but hey…maybe next time.


Had a good day. Two Conkers and an epic Rex all within my radar fence at the same time!


And then later at work, epic rex spawned in front of the restaurant. This is the most amazing thing i’ve seen since actually running into an epic Bary last week! (I always thought those were like unicorns…)


Last night a Baryonx spawned right outside my house. :grin: It’s only the third one I’ve seen in the wild, but it did allow me to level mine up.


Not enough dimetrodon for all my baryonyx :frowning: