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Off meta team

Hello. I am interested in playing an off meta deck. Those of you that use them please share pictures of your team and I would love new ideas. I despise using Mrhino, Lux, Magnus, Sg3, and Mammolania

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Depends a bit on what your ambitions are. You want to play simply for fun? Or still being able to climb to end-game arenas?

Some creatures that you do not see in every single team which I feel might be good enough to survive in Gyro and above:

  • Entelolania: Im running it in the Shores and it does great. Played rightly it even counters Testa 1:1
  • Thyla: Not in my current team, but still 30 boost on it. And was running it in Gyro and Shores
  • Unique Draco: Not as strong as Mrhino or Magnus, but still a decent Swapper. Good bulk and the cleansing impact comes handy
  • Gorgosaurus: Maybe not good enough for the end-game, but still fun to have with the speed reduction immunity. And certainly helps in tournaments
  • Pouka: Really think it is good enough for Gyro (maybe not Shores, but have not yet tested it) since the buff it got recently
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