(OFF TOPIC) The JWA twitter community is kinda all over the place... lol

So uh scrolling on twitter and yeah I’m following the official account of JWA and just wanted to reply to a post that it made and saw the replies… (Btw, you can find these types of replies scattered across the page of the account) It was a literal mess, some people were kinda mad about their favorite dino nerfed or other stuff and saying the game’s bad (geez, don’t have to get mad over a dino that probably deserved a nerf and call the game bad) and some were just asking for help with certain stuff, the usual.
Anyways just an off topic post and btw, not the entire community on twitter is bad.

It’s usually the way of it regarding any community - people post about what they don’t like rather than what they do like.

Sadly it is also often the case that the vocal minority often get their way too, despite not being representative of the majority who are pretty happy with how things are.

Ah well……

Its Twitter, what did you expect?


nothing less and nothing more, just some lunatics screaming about anything is twitter

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Twitter is a cesspool. I wouldn’t advise spending much time scrolling through it at any given time :rofl:


Imagine using Twitter.


no need, already have it

I pity you.