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Off-Topic Thread

This is to continue an old thread of @Dino_Rex (can’t post there now to avoid Necro).

To keep off-topic discussions… well… off-topic, let this thread do the work.

My suggestion is that whenever a convo seems to be going off-topic to the respective thread, you continue the convo in this one so that the other one doesn’t get derailed, nor is the constructive discussion disrupted.

What do you guys think about this thread?

Basically, my intention is to cater for those types of discussions which are not immediately off-topic but drift into it eventually.


I love it almost as much as I like to drink paint.

um…so you like it or…

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It has all the nutrients in it, and my favorite thing to eat: lead.

lead is poison!!!
(not pencil lead that is graphite)

No, its a delicious treat!

In all seriousness, lead actually made paint chips sweet, so children ate them. Ah, the wonders of lead!

i know but have you heard of “lead piosoning”
it happened when children ATE PAINT!!!

Yes. I have a great sense of tumor from lead.


Wow thats cursed comment

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The response was susposed to be," Don’t you mean humor?"

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yes i understand you have a tumor

but do you mean humor???

I believe this has already been de-railed!

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Which thread?

I’ll edit it if need be, if y’all found it offensive or just deranged, wrong, or unfunny. Im just quoting a video. Also I have a couple illnesses of the brain, and my pharmacy ran out of what I needed a week ago. However, they restocked and I should be back to normal

No, keep those. The intention of this was not to derail the Tournament thread, that’s why this thread was made… What’s over is over, we have a new Tournament thread now and even an off-topic one so no harm done :slight_smile:

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I know, but I was suspended for it.


Continuing a Eudimorphodon Appreciation Discussion from the lineup help thread… :joy: @Aether_12

So it was about Eudimorphodon being given the nickname as EDM and then initiating a musical discussion.

Looks like people like to talk in the wrong thread lol