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Rip. I hope you get the bucks back soon

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This should still be valid…

Is the Indominus Rex Gyrosphere Winnable?? - JWTG Episode 144 HD


Does a Lvl 40 Acanthostega look like the Lvl 40 JPB Iguanadon


This is going to be a bit rough.


What that absolutely necessary? :joy: Also, is that mosa gen 2 yours or from a gerosphere?


Has anybody done a spin order documentation on the 50k creatures? If not, I might start documenting.
Ill probably put it in the same format as the one for 20k below


Oh that was from the indom gyro

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How did Sarcosuchus eat things, its mouth is so thin

Probably just shattered all the bones of its prey, then swallowed it rather then chew it.

Any luck on it?

Yeah, well how did Gryposuchus eat things, its mouth is even thinner

Most likely the same process: Shatter bones, swallow prey whole.

Ah i see now

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But if Gryposuchus and Sarcosuchus met IRL, which would fall first

They most likely wouldn’t fight, as it would be too much effort for too little gain. However, if they did fight, sarcosuchus would win solely because it is larger.

I wonder if I should make a dino battles thread…or is there already one?

maybe maybe not

Why Deinocheirus keep getting hate by everyone, is he too weak

Obviously not going to finish up in time this round. Not sure if i should keep pushing

If you keep going it will be much cheaper to buy out the Diamond prize at the end of the cycle…

Here is we’re I am at for the week so it looks like you missed a day of VIP tickets?