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Ok? Dhsbagasu

Can someone post pictures of the park layout for inspiration? Thanks.

Do you ever go second during a tournament? Do you know anyone who has? Do you ever have unused creatures mysteriously on cooldown? Do you ever gain trophies despite not participating in the tournament?


Back in the og days you could go second in a tourney


When is early game, mid game and late game?

Here’s some thoughts on late-game

I would say mid-game begins when you start finishing in Dominator League for standard Jurassic tournaments, certainly once you can do so without using Dinobucks and still completing daily PVE.

Early-game would be before this point.



Just got my Zalmon and Pretzel to my “2nd” and “3rd” spot because I found my L40 Tapinators were subpar in matches like F4F and IF.

Debating if I should level them both up 1 level or leave them as-is.

Ostapobabies Ferocity: 11,443
Zalmon: 11,052
Pretzel: 11,043

According to my old screenshots when I did my calculations, I could get Zalmon to L27 and Pretzel to L28 respectively. Im just too scared to attempt it due to the DNA i sunk into them.


If they’re strong enough id wait. Dna is hard to come by as im having to relearn that the hard way.

Last 2 days i did coin to food, then coins to aquatic trades. The 3rd ct goes dna for aquatics. Results were lepto for 3300 dna, and heno for just over 13k. If anyone feels froggy and wants to try that strategy please post the results.

@OstaposaurusBae Well we for sure don’t want those two to overtake your baby Ostas :wink:


What are you on about?

You were asking if we ever had real opponents in tournament fights. I asked some questions to help steer your thinking


Oh I forgot about that. Sorry

If Gryposuchus was alive today, would it fit in with other reptiles and where would it live

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It would just be a large gharial that would be found in South America

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Could it eat most things there


26 5526 1727 11052.4
27 5655 1767 11309.4
28 5783 1807 11565.4


27 7178 1208 11043.6
28 7342 1235 11294.0
29 7505 1263 11546.6
30 7668 1290 11796.0

Take your pick on where you want to land


look at the statistics


Most likely it would be eating fish

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Is the tapjoy buck thing legit