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Same here @Lora_Green also on an Apple device, if I hit the video button a couple times some times something shows up but only one per login.


I don’t watch the videos really but I did watch a whole bunch once to get my Ankylodocus lesser hatch time and no crashes

On a reallllyyy old Apple device


Its started happening with me aswell, but I’m glad as the ads were slowing down my game to a halt, so now it’s just one click and back to usual running speed without having to sit through an ad.


I’m getting nothing from videos it just kicks me out of the game every time I have sent Jurassic support a message hopefully it’s something simple they can get fixed


its a visual bug. 2 weeks ago i watch a streamer in youtube buying this pack he literally got scammed not getting those but only get trex gen 2 and veloci gen 2

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I thought I’ll do this too @Cagkan_Coskun

It was so hard to do. Specially because that damn weird tournament and it’s 20ish trophy for very hard to impossible matchups.


The tournament yesterday gave me 40 trophies for almost every match, pretty weird @Stapesh90

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Haha satisfying isn’t it? :partying_face: