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Ahh, I see. That’s why I don’t know what it is. I don’t use my bosses.

Thanks Walnut!


Your Welcome


Me too @Trexy, I’m not a big fan of the bosses from the very first moment I’ve realized that they are fancy decos and nothing more, soon after they’ve been released. So I was all far from playing those stampede like actions since they were costy, time consuming yet not rewarding at all.

But after these latest few updates, actually they are much more of a use right now. Moreover, I play those two new events where you fight against another bosses via unlocking the event itself, pretty much on a daily basis. And they give me 9.5k Ambers like 99% of the time. I’m over 250k already thanks to the respin option which is almost for free! I have no need for any Amber yet, but we might need in the future who knows. :v:t2:

Plus, I need to add that, my amber market did go live with the give away that was not so long ago. Ludia has sent Ambers to all of us then, through which I had 50k as an enter prize. Haven’t bought anything with it since but at least I was now able to look down the price list of the creatures. Then I decided to unlock some new skills for the bosses along the way and explored new tactics. And since I’ve been playing regularly. They are cool, you should also try it! :wink:

Side Note: Not so long ago, these unlockable boss events were giving only high numbers of DNAs, of which I was a huge fan like having 4k DNAs out of nowhere every time when I finish only 4 battles, was so perfect. But then, high possibility of they have decided to nerf it down, now it is so rare to land on that chunky DNA pack among the other newly added rewards. But not that impossible or so, I have managed to get one up until now, absolutely higher than the odds of getting Raja out of the moddeds. Worth trying while having huge loads of Amber as a side earning. :call_me_hand:t2:


If I come to my own topic then… :smile:

After two years straight of playing, I’ve realized that I still didn’t know what a Siphoning Bite actually does! Like how it does work! :man_facepalming:t2: Explanatory text was a bit blurry since then, today I decided to buy one from the TH and give it a try on today’s modded PvE. Went to buy two other common mods. Then I’ve picked a lvl 20 Stegoceratops and a close level Segnolizard, plus added a lonely same level Tapejalocephalus as a back up incase. Now I was ready. Then guess what happened.

It turned out to be an invincible mod! You took a damage and didn’t die shall we say, when you hit a number as damage, then the mod gives the half amount of that damage back to you as a revive! Since I was an herb and having huge destructive power over a birdie, it returned me with a result of filling my health bar to its max every time I knocked out an opponent! :exploding_head:

In the end, that Segnolizzie and armory bird of mine did both just stand there and watch her destroying them all, applauding in slow fashion.


Thank you for sharing your experience with me. I will try it. I think I have a lot of work to do. I only took Omega up to level 2…and that was by accident. The rest of my bosses are at level 1.

I can honestly say, I’ve use a playable boss one time when he was first released. I got crushed in that battle and also saw no incentive to play this aspect of the game lol.

I was just happy to have these creatures in my park and admire them but I am going to let the of their paddock and see what they can do!

Also, I know what you mean about the mods. Some of description don’t really make sense until you actually try them.


Could get the mods I wanted for my second battle, wanted Clone but after a couple of tries I decided I would have wasted too much DNA to get it on the spin wheel. So I decided to fight Steal with Steal.

You will see that I am up against 3 tanky birds, that Endurance on the Zalm was putting it up to 8K defence. So my strategy was: take out the first Eudimorphodon with my Herb, which worked, then Steal the Endurance and have a go at Zalm. My Herb got KO’d before beating Zalm, which I anticipated might happen, hence the 2nd Steal to get that Endurance back again. That enabled Tapejalocephalus to take out Zalm, with the help of Inspire in 3rd place, and his final Eudimorphodon had to expend 3 attacks on Tape, leaving my final Metriaphodon to be able defeat him

Different but interesting.


I didn’t take any screenshots, but I was able to beat the first two battles with common common Segnosuchus with Splinter.

The third battle I got lucky and was able to use common common Metriaphodon with Splinter. Pretty easy this week compared to last week’s randomize.


And not Herbivore Hazard ! :rofl:

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It did ? Or is it a sarcastic remark ?

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No of course not, amphibians can’t beat carnivores they’re far too weak :joy:

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Quick question regarding the 50k lp pack, I know that either @Tommi, @Sionsith or @DantheMan may know the answer to this.

So I’m preparing to buy 3 packs of rhomaleosaur, just wondering the total lp I would need to make it? I know that you get lp back per pack and that the 2nd pack is also discounted so just wondering if my lps can make it or not, and how far away until I can make it.

I really don’t want to take a chance and buy 2 packs just incase I do not have enough lp by the time it goes out of circulation.


@Aether_12 You do not have enough for three. I believe you get 3900 back (or around that) even if it was 4k that would be 8k from two packs bringing you to 28k left after two packs I think the discounted pack is 15% (could be wrong here) which make the discounted pack 42,500 so you need approximately 14,500 ish more LP if you want three packs. But you could get two right away since it would be one at 50k then a second at 42,500. Then you just have to get back to 50k for the third pack.


Ok, thanks for the information, I think that I will continue to reserve my lp and save up, rhomaleo would only be for completion purposes and there’s still a chance for him on the PD wheel aswell.


I agree with everything that @Sionsith mentioned.

Furthermore there is at least one creature with no discount for the second package. Actual it is Tarbosaurus I think. This was the case when I maxed it a few months ago. My assumption is that the newest 50k VIP gives you no discount for a second package until a new “new” creature is released.


Ah yes, I’ve purchased a few tarbosaurs and have been greeted with real money discounts for the second pack. I wonder if anky g2 is the same then?


In today’s Hyneria PvE, I realized something weird with the Edestus animation. It was its final evo and fiercly opening its mouth as it was screaming. In the meanwhile, the second of its rear teeth started to go up and down like it was a coil spring.

Anyways, pics are describing it more than enough. :smile:

I wanted to share, since Edestus’ name was too many times repeated during the week. :point_up:t2:


Looks like I’m going to end up a little short for this CoT :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Aren’t you a dentist? :wink:

I already reported the same tooth problem with Megalodon a few years ago.


Nein, ich bin Arzt von Beruf. Nicht ein Zahnarzt. :slight_smile:

No, I’m a doctor as profession. Not a dentist.

They see them as the “minor issues” I assume. “What about the major issues then?” you may ask.

Well, you see… OH THAT’S A BIRD LOOK!

(Runs in the other direction.)

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That’s a great career field. I’m hoping to be in the NFL.