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Question 1: Is Jurassic World: The Game becoming boring?

  • Yes
  • No

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Question 2: Why does Pachygalo have a very high ferocity stat?

cause its 18000 health

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I’m sorry, but for me, pachy is the strongest creature in the game!


For me, sort of. But I do play from time to time

I wish they had more complicated rule battles that mixes things up.

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Yeah but let’s hope that Ludia could at least make it have 3751 Attack.

That gives it yudon attack with 18k health. I honestly think its health needs a nerf

Yeah because it’s really bad in battles with that 2134 attack.

Well that tells me!

10 Indoraptors

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After Ludia releases the Amphibian stronger than Gorgo let’s that they know the Reef and Savannah problem.

Let’s face it we probably will never see amphibian stronger than gorgo

Which one of these Tourney Reefs are best?

  • Archelon
  • Umoonasaurus
  • Opthalmosaurus

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Update: Ouch? No love for Ophthalmosaurus :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Pacific rim is finally back on netflix!!!

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I’m still waiting for the day they will rerelease The Clone Wars on Netflix although that will never happen

In the meantime maybe Netflix should release the Bad Guys from Dreamworks


Andrewsarchus is kind of cute when you stroke it

It does a sort of happy dog thing.


What do you all prefer?

  • Glass Cannon (Kills it’s self in 2 hits)
  • Well Balanced (Kills it’s self in 3 hits)
  • Tank (Kills it’s self in 4-6 hits)

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Hyaenodon even more !


it’s horrible, poor tanky, they are much better than metri or zalmo! I mean, edapho and triceratops gen 2 are much better, is there anyone here who likes trc 2 (a gen 2 expected by almost all fans) as much as me? it’s still a shame that trc 2 is less strong than mammoth…

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Stegoceratops, Monostegotops and Dracoceratops: Show us some love Trike fans.


@Keith Do you know what happened to the newsletters? they have not been sent for more than a month :thinking: