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Does anyone know if the game supports controllers (like the PS4 controller) on iOS?

That’s a good question. Does Ludia ever have a naturalist who studies animal sounds ? @Ned

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Hmm, I think I saw a documentary once that dinosaur sounds are made up of sounds from modern-day creatures. :thinking: That would be a cool job though.


I have a question. If there is Indominus rex tournament like it was last year at this time, is there possibility that Sonorasaurus and Brachiosaurus tournament are going to happen soon as well? @Ned

I have a question,will Allosaurus Gen 2 be added and then make Allosinosaurus?

There is at least one Indominus rex (or Gen 2) tournament each May/June. The rest cycle through when they cycle through. As for Sonorasaurus and Brachiosaurus specifically, it’s been about a year, so I’d say those tournaments will probably cycle through during the next 12 months


Ferocity of all Limited Dinos (Non Hybrid)

Why you notice some differences:

Brachiosaurus: + 2959 ((( 925 :arrow_right: + 4483 ((( 1383
Megalosaurus: + 2739 :arrow_right: + 2959
Edaphosaurus: ((( 482 :arrow_right: ((( 843
Thalassodromeus: ((( 603 :arrow_right: ((( 814
Segnosaurus: ((( 1167 :arrow_right: ((( 1187

Dilophosaurus Gen 2: ((( 709 :arrow_right: ((( 597
Tupuxuara: + 2969 :arrow_right: + 2916

How I calculated:

Health + 3.2 × Attack

Note: This is for my drawings


Which one do you all prefer?

  • Tropeogopterus (Original Stats)
  • Tapejalosaurus

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Tropeogopteurs (Old):
Health: 2492
Attack: 952

Health: 3007
Attack: 940

Updats: Why is Tapejalosaurus better than Tropeogopterus even with it’s old stats?

Proof I’m not lying:
Stats before it got nerfed.

I borrowed a book from the library recently about the making of Jurassic Park, and I found out that the sounds were made from different animals. Tyrannosaurus was made up from a tiger, elephant, penguin, alligator and dog sounds. Velociraptor was made from the clicking sound made from one of the crew member’s friend and dolphin clicks.

They also based Brachiosaurus off a giraffe and elephant, even went to the zoo to study them.


I think some gorilla was thrown in for rex too. The raptor sounds origins were hilarious.




I find the origin of raptor sounds interesting. Quite talented for a guy to make those sounds

I actually thought it was another carnivore until I realized it was an amphibian lol :rofl:

Yeah idk who thought of the tortoise noises but it was funny

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JW/TG: Indoraptor’s Family

Velociraptor (Grandmother)
T. Rex (Grandfather)
I. Rex (Father)
Velociraptor II (Mother)
Married?: No
Age (In human years): 24

(P.S. is this supposed to be in the meme thread or is it ok here? I don’t know TBH.)

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Should Ludia buff Segnosuchus HP

  • Yes
  • No

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Old HP:4977
New HP:9871

Should Ludia buff Bagehesaurus in Health?

  • Yes
  • No

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Old Health:
New Health:

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Not to 11k they should buff it to around 8k


A question for @Keith
Since you released Bagehesaurus do we have to wait for 2027 to get the third Limited Amphibian Hybrid?

Glass cannons are meant to be fragile imho…