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Oh come on, it’s only three days since they released it. I suppose you have enough work in the months (years) to come to make 9 level 40s of this one.


I think it’s just a visual glitch, but for a minute I thought that Stakeholder’s Visit was going to be Aquatics this week for a change


Yeah, that’s true


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Do you think JW:TG has a power creep issue

Is it just me or Jurassic World: The Game has a huge problem in it’s economy system.

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Is Jurassic World: The Game absolutely awful in it’s economy system?

  • Absolutely Yes
  • No in my opinion

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Where did you find this?

JWA toolbox

This is Jurassic World: The Game, not Jurassic World Alive

But i didn’t know where to post it

Somewhere in the JWA Forums not the JWtG Forums would be a starting point


Which thread?

No idea. I don’t play that game or frequent its forums. You could always create a new thread

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Maybe I’lI just make a jwa version of this thread

Do we have to wait for 2027 aka another 5 years just for the Third Limited Amphibian Hybrid?

  • Yes as Ludia just wants us to wait forever
  • No as they have plans of releasing a Third Limited Amphibian Hybrid

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It depends imo

How do I post a link to another thread or to a specific post in a thread?

Why isn’t anyone writing about Dominion movie? Is it something forbidden? Haha even in the thread. I’ve watched yesterday and it was pretty cool, a lot of things I loved and a lot that I disliked, but why isn’t anyone talking about it? Won’t say much since it could give you spoilers, but is there anywhere were we are talking about it?

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In my country in 5 days it releases