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I was looking to see which tournament creature was the strongest, and I found these:

Then I started looking at super rares:

And I accidentally bought a deinotherium… but then quickly hatched, sped up, and sold it :smiling_imp:

A bit strange right?


You should see VIPs. Baryonx, stygi, eudi, mastodonsaurus and I think oviraptor all have the same stats



And 3 others also have these stast

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It is indeed strange. Which one is truly stronger than the other?! Also R.I.P. Deinotherium. I wish I was able to take the elephant off your hands :sob:


Hi haven’t been here in a while lol: a ton new stuff apparently new strongest amphib?


That is correct! (Not including Salamannder 16, who is stronger than the Gorgosuchus), the new strongest Amphibian is the Bagehesaurus!

Ahahah man you still have the christmas pfp!
Anyway yes, Bagehesaurus is the new strongest amphibian.

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Its been some time since I posted about my park progress.

I’ve been more active in JWA, as its a new game for me I’m making quite a lot of progress. Recently I found out my VIP has been stopped a month ago, so roughtly abt a few more days till it ends for good.

Now, I do regret not collecting the newer creatures ( Bagel, Oviraptor, etc ) but I can’t do much. I’m doing out the prize drop hoping to get as much rewards as I can before this coming Friday.

As a non VIP soon, I’ll be joining yall in the boat ( @Timmah , @Jurassic_Fury , @Elin_Ronne , @Icthyornis and many more mentions ) .

Glad to be joining the non VIP boat soon.


This is my first time ever getting amber, I’ve seen others post about it and I never seen anything like it before so I just thought it might be boss dna or something but I finally completed one boss battle and I got amber. So, I’m super late lol

Hey man I actually got back into the game too lol

Favorite part was watching gigantosaurus spit fire. We were hyped lol

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Can players with low lvls(like example 29) get Tournament creatures Unlocked?

Provided that the tournament is not bracketed, id for an Unlock, and you’ve got the creatures and time to put into the tournament, yes you can unlock the creatures

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Oh thanks for telling because i am park lvl 58

There are some things about VIP I wish I had, like instant hatches and extra LPs. But actually I feel I have set myself a challenge: how far can I get without? The game is all about playing for the long-term, after all.

I feel a bit guilty not contributing except by watching ads. But I might be tempted by the right season deal to pay for that now and again and contribute that way.

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Aha, yes there are many things that VIP offers which are rlly worth it. I want to see how far I can not rage when I use the normal lab for higher time creations :joy:


I know this question has nothing to do with JW/TG, but how do you think Rexy got her black and white markings on her snout in Jurassic World Dominion? Did she get them as a battle scar or because of her age?

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Maybe both?

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Maybe Rexy was eating a Mcflurry and it got all over her face lol :rofl:


Hey guys wouldn’t it be funny if ludia added klombo as an april fools boss?

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