Off-Topic Thread

That’s the only episode I watched of JFC. :crazy_face:

I remember that one, raptor vs some hadrosaur (Edmonto I think) and maybe stego vs allo

I have seen the normal animal fight clubs as well anaconda vs alligator, bear vs croc/Jaguar, gorilla vs something and lion vs tiger

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Are you the true JF Aniruddha Vishnu or are you another one fake?

I know you are Aniruddha


Me: Types something about the game in an off-Topic Thread.
Ludia: He has done the ultimate. He has talked off-Topic in an off-Topic thread.

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If you don’t understand it, It’s because I shouldn’t be talking about something that’s Not off-Topic in a thread That’s SUPPOSED to be off-Topic.

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Signs Of a good Life: Many friends, all that stuff.
Signs of a good life in JWA: Yellow circle under Lizard.

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Yeah I understood it lol

It will appear. He has apple read on the news talking about it coming.
He also said he isn’t a Dino expert For some reason.

I missed that T.Rex. I still remember That Day when He got pierced.

@Tommy_Paoli there is a very bad weather in Trento , isn’t it? Just rain, cold and wind. Better stay at home.

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Well, it hadn’t rained in quite a while, did it?

The colors of the numbers under “Replies”… :question::question:

Been wondering the same thing, I thought maybe I unknowingly selected something new in preferences but doesn’t seem to be the case.

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I’m pretty sure it just represents the like to post ratio in the topic thread, so the brighter the color orange it is, the higher the ratio. I could be wrong though


Me too.

What! it bug with amphibians.


where is kapro?Screenshot_20210415-125628~2

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@Jurassic_Fury and the photo of sarcosuchus lvl 10 is a screenshot I took before I knew to give credit.

That is at level 40 stats


but at 10 level diplosuchus is stronger than prestosuchus.