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Forgot to post sooner. Just why?

Welcome to the forum @SomeLizard_dude! Mortem Rex is a Jurassic World Alive creature (pretty sure) and this is the Jurassic World The Game forum.


They should add back charcarodontasaurus from Jbp Also compies Jpb had them so why cant we?

I think he means omega bit got it mixed up with JWA

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You know what would be cool a vip and tournement creature hybrid, just imagine how strong that would be also the vip would have to be one you get in solid gold packs like presto or something

Sneaky little Dino trying to hide.


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U can’t post Ludia convos because u can get in trouble. Also it means Ludia can’t help u and u need to solve the issue on ur own.

In addition to what @Doggy said above, speaking about, much less using, 3rd party software and emulators are not allowed


this is jurassic world evolution 2!!!

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When are the CoT results going to be announced

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Sunday’s weekly schedule usually comes before the cot results announcement, we will be able to find the winner there, then official results will appear a day or 2 later ig.

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personally nundagosaurus is more prickly than gorgosuchus


Why are my opponents weaker than mine? Isn’t it by ferocity of ypur team?

is it ferocity…
you didn’t notice the life of sloth?

i think you’re starting to get skillful and haven’t even noticed that your team is the same ferocity or less lol

it’s actually a average ferocity to be more exact.

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I’m out of breath of laughing! 4!! FOUR!! OH I’M DYING! :rofl:

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Ohhh :rofl::rofl: That lvl 1 Gastornis! I need a break!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Ohh ok I’m fine. Phew. Could just barely stop. OK.

I’d like to congratulate my Italian friends here for their victory today. You’ve really proven that you are one of the strongest favorites in this cup, maybe the most of 'em all. Bellissimo!! 🤌🤌

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But… The sloth has hp that my tiger can almost one hit thou.

Oh wow the damage!!!
I lost though cuz it disconnected​:roll_eyes::disappointed_relieved: