Offcial or fan-made?

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I hope this is official…

Doubtful honestly


If it’s real then Imma throw my phone I’m happiness.

That’s definitely fan-made…It kinda looks like someone spliced a Majungasaurus and a Sarcorixis but forgot to give the poor thing flippers. The “Primeval” and “Help the ARC” text (instead of "Help the DPG) also give it away as a fan-made project, too.

I think Ludia can design a much better Mosa than that…

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That is something to do with the Primeval TV show. My guess would be fan wishing.


Why all of a sudden InGen is replaced by ACR

That is a Primeval themed fan project.

Is that from one of the other games that use JW IP?

I would say fan made, or for a different JP game.