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Offense or Defense?


I have come to realize I definately lean towards more offensive dinos. The thought came up as I wondered what I am going to do with golden chicken dna. I’m close to getting tryko and am more of an erlidom type, but my resources are limited of course and came to the reality that erliko is more elusive than any other for me. A combo of both for team balance is understood. Just wondered how others lean.


All of your Sino dna are belong to us!


What does your team look like now @Kodiakhunter1?


I plummeted from over 5100 to 4752 and feel i’m spreading the dna I get too thin due to indecision.


I’m probs just gun shy when it comes to battling. Everyone likes the big chompers, but they don’t do well when it comes to stuns and bleeds. The matches with both dinos having shields up gets a little boring and now the meta is about swap in moves it seems. I just need to march on maybe. Long day, icy roads to boot.


I play specialist teams. Mostly like to be anti.

But I’m all over the map with my team selection I stay down where I can do this.

But braciosaurus is one of my fave right up there with diplotator


Well, I always have been playing a mainly anti-meta deck. For example back in the Stegodeus meta I had T. Rex on my team specifically to beat up Stegodeus. Back in the Raptor meta I ran Amargacephalus and Einiosuchus. Previous patch I have been mostly opening with Tyrannolophosaurus to counter Spinachsuchus openings.

In almost all competitive games like this I have ever played I have been running anti-meta tactics most of the time. Not saying I am not abusing what I can and want to from the meta lineup, but I just adore flipping the deck on enemies that rely too much on having the OP tactic while not knowing other strategies.

Anyway, my current deck:

You can pretty safely say that I don’t really like doing tanks, as my only tank is also a tank breaker…

So yeah, I am one of those guys who if fail the task using a hammer, I will switch to the even bigger hammer :smiley:

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Aw u don’t wanna try the magna after the buff? He’s a ln offensive dino


A deck full of immune chompers lol I’m in!


I can’t give advice on any uniques or legendary… I have none. But I can say I go for offence with half my dinos, and defence with the other. I have half my team set on shielding, stunning, wounding and distraction, with the others set on high damage, regen and offence. I’m on the fence in other words. :wink:

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I prefer a fast offense. Slow play, tanking and defensive play is just dull and boring.

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I used to be indecisive … But… Now I’m not sure.

Lol j/k