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Offensive swap in abilities need to go

This is mostly in reference to the well known, broken insanity that is Dracorat’s swap in rampage, but honestly the principle applies to all ‘swap in strike’ abilities. The simple fact of the matter is; they are free damage and more often than not free kills, which can be swapped in to anything with no regard for matchup. If you get the other dinosaur in range, which let’s be real here is not very difficult, that is a free kill and potentially a free win. And that is just antithetical to the idea of a balanced or fun game.

Defensive swap in abilities I can support. They require assessment of the matchup and anticipation of the opponent’s next play. There’s no point swapping in Alankylosaurus on a Thoradalasaur, there’s no point swapping in Quetzorion on a Procerathomimus, there’s no point swapping in Smilocephalus on Erlidominus. But the ones with swap in strike/rampage can swap in on anything thats in range. Matchup doesnt matter, and that to me is the definition of unbalanced. Now I will concede that the x1 damage attacks are obviously less commonly used for instant kills than the Dracorat’s swap in Nuke, but if that didnt exist they would certainly be used for that purpose in its place, so I would have to lump them all together under the same banner of broken mechanics.

Of course Ludia doesnt care about game balance, so it’s not like anything’s going to change. But maybe the players could start trying to create a better environment in the arena and stop abusing something that they know is just going to annoy other players with how broken it is.


Hum… It’s a “weak” dino that can be killed in 1 bite and canno’t swap immediatly back after the Rampage - plenty of chance to get something faster / tankier to deal with it.

You can counter this by swapping your creatures too, when you feel you might get “rampaged”. A Stegodeus, for example, can take the Rampage and still live. And that’s the same way I counter many other moves like distraction or rending takedowns. I let the tanks or something else that can die take the hit and swap back when possible.

Keeping evasion up on some dinos also helps to reduce the damage taken (I had people swapping to Draco to try kill my Indo and failing to kill it).

Depending on creatures you use, sometimes you can even prevent the entire hit by swapping your creatures too (for example, for a tank with swap-stun, if you are the second to hit swap your stun lands - I don’t know if this is speed dependent, a glitch, bug or feature, but many times it nullifies the rampage at all).

Hope it helps you countering, sorry the broken english, good luck.

So in summary; to counter the Rat you have to be psychic, KNOWING when your opponent is going to nuke the field despite not being able to see their team. Right. That seems fair.


Why should you be able to see the opponent team? That is silly!
Anyways, you know there is a chance for that nuke whenever your dino’s HP is down enough to have it 1 shot. And that can only happen so many times in a fight… Not that hard to figure out. It really isnt.

“Is my dino about to die in the next turn if the opponent rampages or stuns?” - Same for any other creature with swap abilities.

You do realize your suggestion will remove swap in abilities for creatures like pterosaurs and ceratopsians since pretty much every single one has such a feature. Others include smilodon hybrid, edmonguanodon, Maiasaura, etc.

Offensive swap in abilities are those that automatically deal damage upon entering.
Yeah ceratopsians at the moment do damage, but they used to be stronger when they could not. Ludia nerfed them just to give them the headbutt swap in attacks.
Smilo, Edmonto and Maia just stun, don’t do anything.
So the ones affected by the removal would be:
Dracorex (and its G2 variant), Dracoceratops, Kaprosuchus, ceratopsians and not sure if swap in bleed counts as an offensive swap in. In exchange they could get more defensive swap ins and gain an attack/hp increase to be more viable field fighters.
I’d give up on Kapro’s shield-shattering cloak removal swap in if they’d give him swap in nullify or swap in ready to crush or something, and higher attack and maybe a bit of extra hp.

Irritator g2 would also be affected and much like dg2 is the only thing it has going for it.

Im personally ok with the strikes… its the rampage that gets me.

It’s the only thing because of what moves it currently has. But if they made move changes / swap in ability changes, they’d be stronger on field, much like the old ceratopsians were. I still have nightmares of that Einiasuchus …
I don’t mind the strikes either, they’re easier to avoid as a player has to chomp twice at something or deal a nasty bleed + some damage to get the opponent killed with a strike. I use Kapro when I can pull off a mind game like bleed then swap into carnotarkus, then drop Kapro. Though without attack boost, it reduced Kapro’s bite a lot even on-field. Before he’d almost always hold his ground even if directly deployed.

He never said he wanted to see the enemy team.

Get a team with armor going, that will help reduce the damage from said swaps so you don’t have to worry as much.

Technically thats only relevant for draco almost all the others have armor piercing or definite strikes.

And a savy draco player will know how low he needs to get an armored dino down to kill it on a swap in. I known when I ran draco i knew i could finish off tryko if i got it under 18k.

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Never thought of that. Its a good thing there arent a load of dinos popular in the meta right now that easily chunk tanks or anything, easily getting them in range of a nuke.

Sarcasm aside; I get Draco’ed on any dino, armoured or not. It’s never difficult for people who spam this garbage to just chip away at mine until they’re in range. Really; with a boosted rampage they only have to get 1 good hit off usually to get that range even on a tanky dino.

I’m guessing you’ve never played pokemon, which along with other games like FF is the archetype that JWA pvp is based on. You CAN see your opponent’s team when you start, and seeing what they’re bringing is a big part of determining how you respond. You both have to carefully play your pieces, knowing you need to save a certain one to counter something your opponent has, looking for opportunities to take the advantage or make a neccesary sacrifice. Now; granted this isnt REQUIRED for this kind of game; JWA has never had it and the pvp was for a while pretty good, if often stagnated by people all using the same dinos, but swap in damage abilities take advatage of this by being free kills. You cant see your opponent has the Rat so you cant anticipate it. Sure, you could assume there’s always one in the back, but thanks to the fact that teams are randomized before games (something I’ve always thought was unneccasary but that’s just me) you’re wrong at least half the time.

Your suggestion of assuming a nuke will come every time a dino’s in range is precicely why Draco is busted; it defines games regardless of whether it’s there or not. I swap out of a winning situation fearing a draco and put myself in a losing one. I dont swap because i’m in a strong position and I get nuked. It’s a catch 22. Something that utterly rules games regardless of whether random team roll has actually put it in the roster is ridiculous.

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It’s easy to predict when the rat is making its star appearance. 90% of the time, opponent swaps in the rat to kill your fastest dino when you are about to finish his first creature. If you swap on your first dino’s second turn you might not only save your speedster but also finish the rat.
The remaining 10% reserve the rat for the very last turn, which is quite annoying btw.

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Assuming you’re right (which I dont think you are. Rats can spring at ANY time in the match the opponent’s looking for a free kill), that 90% is only for the matches that the rat is actually rolled for, which statistically is around 50%. So in reality your plan works out about 45% of the time. And by ‘works out’ we mean whatever you swapped in is nearly dead thanks to taking a nuke to the face. Most anything that can 1 shot the rat can barely take a rampage, and worse those that can tank the rampage cant 1 shot it before it stun-heal-runs, resulting in the degenerates who use the thing getting to do it all over again.

Would love that!

First take away all the boosts from DC.

Second change the ability of the swap-in to 1 x damage.

Many players would love that salty move!

With the exception of swap in rampage, I quite like the other offensive swap in abilities. They are nowhere near game breaking and imo make the game more fun, so I’d say no to taking them away.

Wooh, you are welcome, glad I could help

My Thor loves her Dracocera nuggets. Everytime someone rats one of my dinos, I make sure that if Thor is available that I put her in to get a taste of that supple and juicy Rat flesh that she so loves. Om nom nom

Sorry I missed your answer. You are right, I never played Pokemon GO or any other Pokemon game - for the simple reason that I simply do not enjoy pokemons or anything closely related. I’m just here for the dinos!

I don’t know what else to tell you. I gave you a way that works for me every day and I find it actually very funny to play with the Draco and decimate opponent teams that contain it. Maybe I made it sound more complicated than it was, I don’t know. But for me Draco is not that big of a deal, like any other creature in the meta you just need to learn how to play it.

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