Offer in shop - comma in wrong place? Let's do the math

So we got new offer for the real money. What bothers me is math.

Common&Rare special (200 rare+100 common) cost the same amount as 500 green cash.

For 1000 green cash you got the standard Rare Incubator (772 rare + 4672 common).

So it’s like for the same price you got 400 rare + 100 common vs 800 rare + 4500 common. I wonder: shoudn’t price for special incubators be like one tenth of the current one? Which will make this offer truly special.
For the cheapest one 10 cents for 50 common dna (1$ for 500 common dna seems reasonable).

Is it some kind of developers mistake?

It’s a money making scheme that smart people, like you, wouldn’t fall for. Since boosts were reset to everyone’s dislike, the VIP memberships I’m sure have dropped and they need to make that money back somehow.

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