Offer unique


I just went lvl 9 and I want to buy the unique offer but the game has bug and the offer has disappeared, there is a possibility to give it back to me so that I can buy it?


I’ve got the same thing. While I was trying to take the offer I’ve got a ‘Disconnected’ error (despit the fact I was connected via wi-fi) and lost the offer. That’s very sad!


Hey Maxime_Dutriaux, I’m sorry that you missed the special offer in the game, I know it can be disappointing. Sadly, there is nothing we can do for that particular offer because these special offers will disappear once you leave them game. For this reason, we recommend our players have a valid method of payment connected to their account, and to make sure that they are on a stable internet connection before playing the game. This will ensure that when another offer appears again, you will not miss out on it.

Some players are also having this issue on another thread, and the information there could be helpful. You can find the thread here:


Ned y don’t u guys answer my questions