Official DPG announcement

To all new DPG personnel:

Those of you wishing to become dinosaur handlers should first acquaint yourselves with handler safety. Owen Grady will be instructing new candidates on important safety rules, and will focus on why raptors should be left to the professional DPG handlers.

Any questions regarding the time and date of this seminar should be directed to Dr. Malcolm, or to the DPG Paleo Research Center.

Thank you, and have a great day!

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Agreed on the raptors. My Phoenix found the fireworks the other day and discovered smacking rocks together makes fire in the long run. Needless to say, Blue read him the riot act later.

LoL. Pyros and boom sticks… Not a good combination. Okay, important safety lesson, everyone!

Attention all DPG personnel - there will be a potluck dinner at 5pm in the John Hammond Memorial Ballroom, bring your favorite hot dish or dessert, and your favorite dino friend!

Attendance is optional. No dress code will be enforced, save one rule: clothing must be worn at all times.

Dr. Ian Malcolm and Claire Dearing, the founders of this organization, will be present to welcome all our new trainees!

Thank you, that is all…


Yeah, at the last potluck, a few weisen-heimers got booted out because they deliberately misinterpreted the “No Dress Code” policy, and the whole thing turned into a Toga party. Not a good idea.

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All kinds of raptors are allowed?

Yes. All except for Megaraptor or gigantoraptor. Those guys weren’t even true raptors to begin with.

Yeap, talking about that, another guy in a thread counused the raptors with Oviraptor

LOL who’s the nut that gave oviraptor its name? I wanna have a little… talk… with that bozo. (Carefully swinging various baseball bats around to test their balance, choosing 3, then putting them in the trunk of a huge black car)


Oh, I think I missed the meeting, umm does that mean I will be kicked out of the DPG?

Not bloody likely. This was posted a while ago, I don’t know how it got dredged up. LOL

I’m not planning any potluck dinners soon at the PRC.

I dunno man, and I have a question, can I bring my ouranosaurus to the DPG headquarters? I don’t trust leaving it at home alone, especially after just buying a new carpet.

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I guess. Is it housebroken?

ah i thought PRC was People’s Republic of China

Paleo Research Center.

Lol, thanks for the support @Julien_Mayfair :joy:

it doesnt even matter what you said @Hersh - if it came out of your fingers, i agree.


Bahaha my fingers have been known to make people say “Yes”, I didn’t like they had this much power tho :sweat_smile:

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Nah, I just don’t trust it with not ruining the new carpet.