Official GamePress 1.12 Tier List!

Hey Everyone! We are officially done with the 1.12 Tier List!!! This had to be the most difficult round of discussions to date for us! Oh and please don’t mention the word Thoradolosaur for at least a week :rofl:


Inside look at how the discussions went this time :rofl:


this is going to be interesting.
spinoconstrictor is questionable for me, but it was an iffy one to begin with.

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And Pumba goes straight to High Tyrant.
Something interesting to note about Entelomoth is that its On Escape ability was accidentally buffed on release, and has since been toned back down.

It was only supposed to Regen 25% on opponent swap, not 50%.


i still think it may be a tyrant dino. that damage output is still insane.

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Also cool to see Indom G2 up in Tyrant. As for Spinoconstrictor, I’m pleasantly surprised.

Also, Indoraptor G2 is clearly still as powerful as ever.

Yeah we checked that before we finished discussions because I saw the thread on here. Mutual Fury makes it faster than any other creature in the game (other than Velo) at base level and the damage output on it is insane!


I dont have an opinion either way as I dont use them yet. Just curious why entelemoth better then mamotherium?

I still think adding Entelomoth directly after Mammotherium was a trollish thing to do on Ludia’s part. At least Mammotherium counters Entelomoth though, so there’s that.

Id be all for using pumba and mamotherium but with the risk of them getting a unique hybrid is just demoralizing especially with the mammoth being event exclusive.

Gemini: it has ascended beyond High Tyrant.


In my opinion, Paramoloch should be in Apex Mid, Rinex and Utasino in Apex High, Daryx in Apex Low and Allor in Apex Mid. I agree with the rest


Yeah, I definitely feel that alloraptor is placed way too high. Middle is where it should be. Also feel that tryko should be moved up as it counters gemini better than anything, and gemini is pretty much top dog currently.


Any news on when the Dinodex will be updated?

i think allorap is fine as high apex. she’s one of the best tank busters in the game. easily taking on maximas, trykos and mammotherium. gemini is a bit iffy. Need to predict the instant distraction to do it right.

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still working on that part of it. Having to create the spreadsheets and get it all uploaded in the proper format.

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never thought about the gemini match-up with alloraptor. But the same could be said for marsupial lion

i think marsupial is kinda broken. but what else can you do with it?

Lion is less well-equipped at taking on the others though. It lacks the speed to take on tanks like Tragodistis, and unlike Alloraptor, it can’t deal with the Indoms very well.
Alloraptor is also a better revenge-killer, even if it isn’t much of one.

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