Official GamePress 1.13 Tier List!

We are done with the 1.13 Tier List in record time! We like to affectionately call it our QuaranTier list. Check it out!


i pretty much agree with it. high tyrant is slowly closing. now to balance the three that counter each other and we’ll be good.


It looks great!!

I completely agree with the Daryx bump and Thor dropping. I’ve run Daryx for a few patches now and that thing really is a beast now, especially with indo2 losing cleanse. It is the best team player in the game.

Thank you for taking team play into account with the tier list, I feel like that is something a lot of people aren’t realizing when they are criticizing it.

Great job all!


Hey Via, just wondering what your reasoning is for Thor to be higher, and this is 100% curiosity and me hearing you out. The reason I ask this was I was fully for Thor high apex but the recent tourney made me realise she just doesn’t hold her own.

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Have you had a chance to read this?

Its great insight on how great Stygidaryx really can be.

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Many people discussed on both, and the majority felt that Thor did not deserve high apex. I was initially also in the high apex club, but after this tournament (which came at an amazing time for our discussions), most of us were swayed that Thor was not staying in High Apex. I’d love to discuss it with you, so if you have arguments for it being high I’ll gladly discuss the placement with you. And as for Daryx: the team play abilities this thing has, combined with one of the most prevalent creatures now losing its cleansing on the basic move (Indo2 if you don’t know what I’m talking about) we felt like it deserved a rise.

Yep, that’s a great read if you are doubting it. Very nicely explains how to use Daryx and it’s written by someone who has lots of experience with it!

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If you read the article you would see that Yoshi should ideally have its own tier, and that was one not everyone agreed with. We can’t 100% go off of sim data either. Team play is also taken into account (why Daryx is High now).

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Thor seems to have dropped again. Totally agree, honestly. After playing in the tournament, where it was super mediocre and died to almost everything on my team, I think it deserves its spot.

Same with Yoshi to be honest. It didn’t do well in the tournament and the meta has been against it for some time.

Good to see Moth still tyrant high. That thing is a pain.

Not sure I totally agree with the Daryx bump with all the immunities, but I suppose I can its merit for teamplay.

How are we full of personal bias again? Thor and Yoshi didn’t perform well this tournament, which was very useful in our discussions. And sure, sim data is something, but it’s not end-all. For example, in common tournaments miragaia destroys all creatures in there and has high sim win rates, but it’s not in apex or higher is it? Arena experience also isn’t exactly factored in, as you need to remember that this is a NO BOOST tier list. With boosts, they both become exponentially better. Without, they really fall flat, especially Thor.


Every Thor I fought in the tournament I completely smoked. Not once did I feel threatened by her presence. The only reason it’s “good” is because of her getting nitro boosted. If there’s no boosts, that’s a free takedown for me


Well…after these swinging between High and middle apex in recent patches, I think my own opinion for Thor is always steady.
This kid actually not so much comprehensive as a high apex creature. Only able to deal with the battle in some specific context.
I still boost Thor until maximum and keep her in my team only because I LOVE MY KID.:t_rex::t_rex::t_rex:
That’s all.:rofl:


Boosted Thor is amazing. we aren’t arguing with that at all! I still face some scary ones in Beaches. But remember tier list is completely unboosted, so we have to use that data when placing creatures.


Which is absolutely awesome! Our placements doesn’t determine what people should think of it. I’m glad you still enjoy Thor on what it is! P.S. that’s a beastly looking Thor right there!

I’ve seen a lot of negative posts coming from you and I was just curious if you had any positive feedback or if you potentially you had any recommendations on how to make something better?

I for one appreciate the insight of people and the collaboration. No list will ever been perfect in everyone’s eyes, but if we remain positive and give positive insight, we can do our best.

There are certainly things in the list I don’t agree with but I would never call the people who do it or publish it a “bad joke”. Perhaps you can try your posts again because I would enjoy having a discussion about some of these creatures you value very highly.


yoshi is the middle child. it doesn’t play by the norm, but does its own thing.


That it is! The problem child this time (well along with Thor) :rofl:

While GP understandably couldn’t put Yoshi in its own tier, if they had, what would it have been called?

Yoshi is a special case, it either excels in some matchups or falls flat on it’s face in others, there really isn’t any middle ground. It either destroys or gets destroyed

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Beautiful. Yep exactly as Bart said. Tier list shouldn’t dictate on what you should use. I plan on using Spinoconstrictor when I get her to team level

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