Official GamePress 1.13 Tier List!

Well that was quick! It’s great, except Thor should be Tyrant…

It’s stronger than Indoraptor, even though it doesn’t win against it.

Edit, maybe Thor is isn’t tyrant because boosts but I feel it’s high apex.

Evasion naturally makes indoraptor stronger and able to survive for longer. Plus more versatility


getting another look at the list, i’m surprised constrictor didn’t drop as well with the attack nerf. could be because CS no longer cleanses. any insight @Piere87?


Happy to see Orion didn’t drop after the big nerf he gots


Yeah orion didn’t need that nerf, I’m happy it still stuck where it was

To me, Spinocon focuses more on bleeding and setting up than attacking. Bleed did get a very minor buff and she also can bleed indo g2 easier.

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We were pretty unanimous on that one. It definitely has taken a big hit, but we didn’t believe it warranted a drop to High Apex. It definitely is one of the lower Low Tyrants now though

i just go my constrictor, and i gotta say, I love her. base level no boosts, it dies easily to immune starters. still dies pretty easily to other stuff as well, but that’s a boost issue. does wonders for non immune anything. decent opener. and against indo g2, you’ll at least do half its hp. more if you go exploit wound rather than PR when underleveld and unboosted.

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I’ve never played with spinocon personally but i have faced a few and the amount of DOT damage can catch someone off guard

almost soloed an AI team with it. it’s good, but the immune metta hurts her so much.

Daryx is still low apex for me. I don’t see any reason of him being that high. I also disagree with Ardmax, Indo G2 and Yoshi drops

About the High Tyrants is it possible to made an article about how we can counter them

During the last tourney Moth was so a pain


i can see daryx moving up slightly due to team synergy. you get that thing in with a grypolyth and there is nothing your opponent can do if not immune. it may be towards the bottom of the tier tho.

Btw look at that poor Dilophoboa. Both nonhybrid snakes are better. Take notes, Ludia. Buff that guy, remember he’s made from exclusive DNA (buff doesn’t mean overbuff tho, I don’t want another Gemini crazily buffed in a stupid way just because of exclusiveness). Constrictor would also use a buff


Yea I love her too. Honestly she’s a ton of fun to use. She can do more than half hp to Indo G2 if used properly.

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Indo G2 dropped for not being able to cleanse with CS anymore, maxima dropped for the HP nerf, yoshi dropped because the tourney showed us it can’t really compete with the tyrant crowd, and daryx goes to high apex because of the amount of versatility in it’s kit now. Trapping opponents into a bleed is no joke and it can run away into a creature with a swap in ability making for excellent team play capabilities


Can you explain why? Because we all felt that IndoG2 losing Cleansing on Cautious Strike warranted a drop, which also gave Bleeders and Slowers an indirect buff due to it being vulnerable to those now. Daryx moved up partly because of that Cautious Strike nerf and due to team play possibilities. If you haven’t played with it I might see that you might struggle to grasp it, because this is one creature you really just got to use to understand. Yoshi was also a hot debate, but eventually we deemed the Low Tyrant tier too powerful for it, and it moved down to High Apex, but it’s on the very VERY top of it. It might deserve its own tier in between the Low Tyrant and High Apex tiers.

Yeah. If not immune. Every high tyrant is immune to dot and about half of low tyrants also are. Daryx is totally useless against that creatures. He’s good only against nonimmune and noncleansing creatures, and we unfortunately have only a few creatures like that in upper arenas.

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That is a valid point and argument regarding daryx. But that is where team play comes in.

Against Maxima’s daryx has helped me win many matches.

Swap in on decelerating attack. Swoop out on your next turn to a weakened grypo that now I can use a fresh regen on. I’ve done it countless times and it works.

It is where the teamplay aspect of Daryx is considered.

i can’t really put into words how to use daryx. I don’t have enough experience using her, but i feel her placement in the list is accurate.