Official Indominus rex Gen 2 Tournament - 6/12/2020 - 6/15/2020

The other topics are already quite lengthy and full of other stuff so it seemed reasonable to make another one for posting trophies and talk about actually playing the tournament.

I started playing on my daughters game. Pretty easy going so far. Just hit 203 trophies which put me in 94 in Dom. Bottom is currently 190.

I have a half a dozen battles or so left before everything is on cool down. Hopefully i can hold pace on her game.

Pretty easy match ups so far except one surprise in the middle of Pred. I think when i was sitting at 54 in pred i got this when i chose some lvl 40 super rares :stuck_out_tongue: guess the game decided i was doing too good. 1st loss haha Sorry for bad pic, had to take it on my phone quick.

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The bottom of my Dominator is 201,top is 411.

I’m not in Dominator yet.

Finished morning run on my daughters game. 384 trophies in the 20’s in dom. Top is 421 bottom 192. All mostly garbage rewards so far.

Pretty easy fights in Dom right now but i feel like that’s how the first morning typically goes. Managed to get a few wins with some not so great teams. Lost 2 fights, that ridiculous line up in the mid of Pred and one battle in mid Dom.

Time to do a run on my game now.

What dinos did you use

First in dominator league with 455 trophies

A morning run, no challenges really…

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I saw you running with me Bobby… I have your :athletic_shoe:

I’m just going to wait for Andy to open up a proper tournament thread to post how I did :blush:


Just finished my 1st run. Did ok, lost a few battles in mid to high Dom even with some decent line-ups.

The match-ups i faced in Dom were significantly more difficult than what i saw in my daughters game, makes you wonder how the match-ups are chosen.

Had a couple battles with some fairly random/atypical AI moves as well.

Either way finished in the 430’s, top is 470’s, the bottom creeped up to 200. Seems fairly normal for now.

More garbage prizes, nothing remotely good.

Do I need to? There are already three or four threads going already


Yours is more organized, dated as well.

Unless OP wants to change title and use “proper format”.

I don’t see many people posting data here, as
well. So, not sure what we’re doing.

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Have any of you encountered an unfair glitch? I had attacks put in because they used all their moves in attacks, and then a block comes out of nowhere, costing me the game. Please reply if you have

Maybe they had 1 extra and you didn’t realize.

Mean Hunter league matches :neutral_face:

Won the first, lost the second


Those are Hunter League matches? I’m facing easier matches in Predator…my best creatures are lvl 10 VIPs and I’m in Dominator.

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me too, only lost one fight to a yudon and cerazina with level 10 vips. I have better but i was just trying to use them all first

They were unusually mean, wich is why i shared them here. Sometimes the game randomly goes into “screw you” mode


Is anyone else experiencing more difficult
matches? Like Kiarash_Bahar posted, some of my matches are difficult too.

I have been facing a lot of max/close-to-max VIPs and Tournament dinos. Was just wondering if it was this tournament due to Gen2 I-Rex or if it was because I upgraded half my lineup to Level 20 VIP.

I’ve only lost twice in this tournament to full teams of mixed Lv40 VIPs and Lv40 Tournaments. I have a few more battles and I’ll post some data.

Edit: Morning run with @Bobby_Farmer -

I lost my 2 battles here. Was using Lv10 VIP - Lv20 VIP/Lv40 Legendary - Lv10 VIP (glass cannon).

Afternoon run - I couldn’t see Bobby anymore :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::

I didn’t lose any matches in the 2nd run even when facing Lv40 VIP/Lv40 Tournament mixes.

Used: Lv10 VIP - Lv20 VIP (glass cannon) - Lv10 VIP/Lv10 Legendary Hybrid

I just wanted to say what a difference Lv20 VIPs make, I can make more plays with them and win. I used to use only Lv10 VIPs but with only 60-65% win rate. I’ve been winning 90-95% now.

Still not done combining all Lv10 VIPs into Lv20 VIPs yet, since last week. Been using 2 evolution chambers too.


Those are my best and I’ve never lost once with them.