Official Indominus rex Gen 2 Tournament - 6/12/2020 - 6/15/2020

This was my first predator league fight…

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^ yeah, seems like the game likes to through you to the wolves every now and then.

As far as tough matches as i stated earlier, i did my daughters game first thing when the tournament started and it had pretty easy matches all through dom except like 1 tough fight in Pred.

My game i did a little later had much more difficult battle match ups, my average ferocity is much higher than her dino’s but i still lost a couple.

Some data of my first run…


I just won a battle in Dominator with lvl 20 legendaries. The opponent had a lvl 40 Stegoceratops, lvl 26 Gorgosaurus, and a lvl 34 Dracorex. I had a lvl 20 Shunosaurus, lvl 20 Ostafrikasaurus, and a lvl 20 Pteranodon. Only 40 trophies? I deserved 100…

That’s average for me.

No, because I saw that they used all of them on attack, because they have and used 4, but had a 5th block out of no where

I sure did. It seemed like Hunter League was unusually difficult this time. I deepened my bench since last tournament but didn’t change my top 3 dino’s stats. Oddly, once I reached Dominator the matches became easier.

My park did move up a level right before the tournament started so maybe that affected things?

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From some of the pictures posted, some lower levels were having a difficult time too. Maybe Ludia doesn’t want you to have the Gen 2 yet if you can’t break past the “wall” to get into Dominator.

Or they mixed up the their tournament programming code. Last tournament (bracketed) was very easy for lower levels.

Keep trying though, can’t always have a bad matchup.

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With the tournament break last week I was able to create a few more dinos to help. Nothing increased my top guy, but so far it’s helping. Winning a lot more matches today. I’m not sure if it’s just luck or I’m bringing bigger guys. I’m trying a meat shield in the front, but I don’t have many that can take two hits in Dominator, so I’m usually blocking with the first move them saving on the next.

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Keep it up!

The tournament doesn’t seem to be moving too fast, yet. You should be able to make it if you keep trying.

If you don’t have too many meat shield, use anything 1200 HP and up.

Right now I am using 1490 HP to 1944 HP. Sometimes even 1944 dies in one hit, depending on matchup. Just try to use the “opposite class” of the weakness of the meatshield as your 2nd and you should be able to build up to 5 Action Points after Round 2.


Apatosaurus as meat shield+Mastodon+Max Velociraptor is what I use

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Right on @Nestea ! Just finished an evening run. I’m calling it a night…


Because @Nestea (and possibly others) demanded it.

This is the inaugural tournament for Indominus rex Gen 2. It is a three day tournament. Almost exactly a year ago, we had a tournament for the original Indominus rex. It was a three day, four hour tournament and requires 1354 trophies.

I rex Gen 2 is a much newer and shinier hybrid. Hybrid tournaments tend to run higher. First-run tournaments tend to run higher. It’s not a tournament hybrid and most players that can reasonably expect a Dominator finish probably unlocked the component creatures a couple of weeks ago, so I’m not sure how much of a bump it will get. On the other hand, Indoraptor Gen 2 is now almost certainly coming soon. More copies of the I rex will be needed.

Until we know more, I would look hard at that 1354 from last year. Stay tuned for more.


Thanks Andy!

I wonder if moderators are able to merge topics. I posted some data on a previous thread, don’t want to cross post.

I’ll post some more data later. I have dino cooldowns of about 3 hours from using glass cannons. I might be able to make it to 3K trophies like Tommi and some other. Not losing much helps, but I am not getting 40 points/match anymore.


Evening run on my daughters game started a little rough. I was getting some pretty unfavorable match-ups and lost a few in a row but then the match-ups took a turn the other way and i got a handful of fairly easy match-ups and was able to add a few trophies to her games total.

She is sitting in 20th in Dom with 530, top was only 581

I took to doing most of my evening run as some of my dino’s are not off cool down yet. I found most match-ups pretty tough, multiple lvl 30 Tournament hybrids was pretty common. I lost a handful of battles and only managed to win a few. I have some hard hitters coming off cool down soon so i will hopefully get a few more wins from them before finishing up the night.


And they moved it. Although the title does reflect the dates now


I feel like battles at the top of predator are twice as hard as my team,but the ones at bottom of dominator are thrice.

I expect what is the top of dominator is now,will become the score for the bottom of dominator in another 12 hours.


Thank you moderator. I was hoping the old thread would be merged into the new one though - not sure if that was possible :thinking:

Your title and this one is slightly different, Andy. This one is still the “official”. I think Subxero11 might have re-titled it?

It’s fine either way. Andy’s is more organized, has background info and data before we get into it. Just used to it :grimacing:


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