Official Indominus rex Gen 2 Tournament - 6/12/2020 - 6/15/2020

My first run


My data:-


Maybe a slow Tournament DaWise, take advantage. Wait a bit to drop down to Predator for a little bit easier of match-ups and gain points that way.

Just try to stay close to top of Predator until the end. Last hour of tournament doesn’t change too much or at all.


Yeah! The strategy that Dino Rex suggested is not needed by me,cause I am already playing with slightly lower level dinos,so I am going to gain a lot of trophies per win anyways,people use a low level common in between only for the sake of slightly higher points.

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By the way my line up is worse than yours

I just dropped to predator,but need to catch onto Dominator,I am #2 in predator,but all my dinos capable of battle are in cooldown,I can speed them up,i have 2100 DB for now to spend on cooldowns, but I am not yet willing to ,till I know the speed of the tournament,I can figure it is a slow one,I guess I will let myself drop slightly lower to the point in mid predator where I can fight using level 20 legendaries,and then increase my Points,and when on rise,I will again make it into bottom dominator,and let myself slip a bit into top predator and back into bottom of dominator for a while,but I will not slip below the top 15 in Predator,but I think I am willing to spend dino bucks only after knowing the speed of the tournament(which is right now,pretty slow,and hence good,hopefully it does not speed up during the final 12 hours) .

Well,trust me,it is way better,cause Level 10 VIPs,can perform as well or in some cases,even better than legendary hybrids,compare Suchoripterus to Eudimorphodon for an example. Plus,way shorter cooldowns and Speedup costs,and lesser hatching costs,I would have a eudimorphodon or baryonyx over my Rajastega any day. Plus,In a tournament like this,with cooldowns as short as that,it is beneficial,so your line up is way,way better than mine.

Yes the final 12 hours are a bit of slow in any other tournament .lets hope that this tournament goes like the others

Yes considering the cool down mine is better but the ankylodocus destroyed all of it. It has 6 hours cool down now!!!

Rajastega and Spinoraptor are 6 hours,Indominus is 7 hours.

That’s a lot of time

Guess what? In the Jurassic World, it is considered really less,a Yudon can take about a week for cooldown when maxed

Yes and maxed pachygalosaurous has even more

Reached #40 in Dominator, but can’t seem to catch a break on a match now. Mostly bringing level 10 VIPs because my top guys are on cool down. I’m probably bringing too weak of a squad for this level. Should I wait to drop lower in Dominator before trying again. If yes, how low should I let myself drop?

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Till around 90.

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My best prize till now.


My ddata

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Nice attempt


Indeed @anon43877113 the top score from my morning run will probably be near the bottom of Dominator eventually. I got 1,000 DNA a couple times this tournament so far.


It is pretty slow,I am sure this tournament will speed towards the end.