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Official name for Spinoceratops (Spoilers for Camp Cretaceous season 4!)

If you’ve seen Camp Cretaceous season 4, you have likely seen a Sinoceratops with a Spinosaurus sail, and have called it the Spinoceratops. Well according to the official novelization for season 4, the official name for it is the Sino-Spino. I’m not kidding.

Kind of a lazy name if you ask me.


lazy. and doesnt roll off the tongue as nicely.


Ima still call it spinoceratops


I’m 100% sure everyone, or at least the majority, prefers Spinoceratops over Sino-Spino lol.


It’s times like these that I like to remember that CC is a kids show.


Just because that’s the official name in the show doesnt mean that’s the official name. I.E. that could be a nickname the kids give it.

Not really, the book mentioned as the actual name of the hybrid, and they already have nicknames (Angel and Rebel), so pretty much that’s the name of the dinosaur.
Still, most of the people will probably still call it Spinoceratops. They should’ve just revealed the name in the first place to avoid this clash with the community.


Wow that’s lame lol

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Funny how I called the spinoceratops the “spino-sino” as a nickname once but that was its real name the whole time, I’m still gonna use spinoceratops though

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Yeah, checked out Swrve’s new vid today. Real interesting

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tbh I’ve always called it Glaciacanthoceratops because of its preference of snowy habitats

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Hopefully they’ll rename it. Of not sinoceratops at least sinospinos


Sino-spino, huh?!? It doesn’t make any sense.


Hybrid names in Season 3 : let’s call the hybrid Scorpios Rex, meaning Scorpion King!

Hybrid names in Season 4 : haha let’s name it Sino-Spino

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i actually commented on Pro-C;s video, and hoped it was stand in

And thats wat he replied, but reverse :rofl:


I like how the title gives the spoiler but then it says there’s a spoiler afterwards :rofl:


I don’t think it is the official name of the hybrid… Maybe campers had named it, not knowing the official name of the hybrid… But still it’s a funny name though…

You can call them Spinoceratops all you want, I am going to call the male “Rebel” and the female " Angel"


Initially I DON’T like the name. But out of the sheer irony that it has the potential to become a tyrant class Dino with a rated G name.

Could you imagine?

Armor piercing swapper with the ability to stun.
On top of that, it can shield shatter AND cause bleeding?

Not to mention 20% armor with the passive ability to keep opponents from swapping out?

Yes Ludia, do it! Take Sino-Spino to the top of the tyrant list!

Let’s watch the world burn…for the 5th time straight!!!


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Oh god (10 chars)