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Official relationship? The end?

So I’m new to this app. Do you ever end up in a official relationship with anyone?

So far it’s fun, but hate the break parts…

I am pretty new to it as well so I am sorry I can not answer thr relationship question, but saw you mentioned the “break parts”…
Do you have any idea how long they last or what triggers them?
I just had 2 matches go gray on me :frowning:

Yeah me too. And I can’t find any more matches

Long breaks are where the storylines are written to. So far I haven’t seen any one of the characters stories reaching an end yet. I’m thinking of them like “seasons” in a t.v show :joy: so far I’ve finished season 1 with at favorite matches and now waiting for season 2 to start, it’s helping me not get 100% bored with the breaks and lack of matches.

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Ugh… So frustrating. I’m the binge watch once the series is done type :laughing: