Official Withdrawal from Tournament



Enjoy the free wins from me. I’m done with this tournament. I’m making my team Common 10s to drop my rank to mid 3500. I love this game, but hate this forced Tournament system.

A slight decrease in DNA from incubators is better than none at all from loses over and over. I can’t even get the daily 10 Dino kills done within a reasonable manner. It’s simply unenjoyable.

Good luck queing against me. Enjoy the free wins.

See you in the 3000s.



Meh, I don’t mind the tournament so much. I just wish they would fix some of the bugs. Stegadeus going before Stegaceratops after both use their slow attacks… Cost me a win because of it.


Don’t think forcing them to put you in a tourney really making to much of a difference. When you win you progress into higher tiers of people. Longer this game is out you’ll be running into stronger team compositions regardless of forced tourney or not. Even if we’re in the phase of when a tourney is over the same people you fought then are most likely in battles too. If your losing over and over prob more of a team construction issue you need to work on. Lvl’s, replacements you need or what not


That must been you I won against earlier–thanks for the free win!


You’re welcome!


My team looks no different than my opponent except for level. It’s simple. I’m done with high tier. It’s not worth it. If anything, I’ll grind the last 3 days to get to the reward minimum.


I don’t see any difference. Got crushed and lost 200 - 300 trophies. Then a day or so later was back to the same level. Same as it was 2 weeks ago.


Honestly i think there may be an issue in their match making update… some people seem to be getting a bad deal…

I also think some people just want to blame the tournament… its not a real tournanement… its a standard season… the same every ladder based progression game has… and at the start of every season their is a reset… stay away the first few days after the reset… your progression wont be hampered by the sudden drop in your stygi gen 2 production.

Ive heard people saying the tournament is hurting their match ups in lockdown…that doesnt make since to me… i hit my highest trophy oct 2 at 3200… today i hit 3300… i havent ran into a any of these crazy matchups and i battle alot…


It’s standard matchmaking yes, but when those who are at 6000 are “reset” at a 4000 level, it’s a very big difference. I’ve seen more indoraptor this past 2 days than ever before.

You are just below the point where you start getting big matches. Remember, it’s 400 up and 400 down from your current count. And when hundreds of players are reset to the same level, your mismatch chances increase a lot.

Get to 3600, you’ll see what I mean. I threw my count to 3700. I see all kinds of match ups now, some in my favor, some not. Way more fun.


Just so people aren’t thinking I’m not using alpha tier Dino’s. Here is my lineup


Nice lineup, Darth, wish I had some of your critters!


yes, is alpha, but your team just can stay in 4k, got any problem? if not you want use your team got to 5k? 6k? Higher point or arena = stronger players and dino.


your team is alpha, but no way you can use it to 6k. Don’t tell me you want use your lvl20 team to only fight with lvl20 dino team forever and reach top 1? Even before reset, you also hard to pass 5k.haha. i in 4k arena, before reset and after, i still fighting above lvl20 dino team( 20-26) no difference, may be you are just angry why your enemy dino so high level only.


Some of those Dino’s are apex quality :thinking:, this seems like a big fuss over you having lower level Dino’s than those you were getting paired with. It happens to all of us. And typically when it rains it pours. Every time you have a bad round of battles you remember it more vividly and in exaggerated detail than the times you string together 3 wins. Honestly it looks like you are dropping down to about where you should be… my fiancé’s dinos are about that level and she is stuck around 3700.

I personally don’t like the reset system since it’s like we all have a large pizza but b4 we start eating, the waitress takes 1/4 of it away. We fights over less than before and then we take to the forums with our thumbs… ready to do battle. Some of us defend Ludia, others attack them relentlessly.

I’m just sick of this cycle. I like the game, I like battling for prizes, but this constant grind of debating whether or not the system is flawed, or fair, or even really a tournament is getting old.