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Offline Mode

No, you are not about to read me asking for hunting dinos or battling pvp while disconnected. :grin:
My suggestion is:

Some use for the game app while no data connection (offline mode). Some days ago I was in a school event, walking though a trail in forest. I just got my phone to take nice AR pictures/movies and show T-Rex sound to friends, when I realized the game doesn’t even open without data connection.


When traveling, when near some river, at countryside… when I have no mobile data available, the app is useless.

It could open, and allow people use something, like lab, AR, see dino collection, change some settings, etc.

There are some options to to this. Map could show “OFFLINE” and/or the already existent red message “GPS DISCONNECTED”. Or some message/indicator for all screens. Things to update your game, like open/activate incubators or level up dinos, could be disabled or (why not) available and send updates to Ludia server when just connect next time.



I agree, it doesn’t have to have any darting and strike event functions though, since thats pretty much not possible, but I like the idea that it can have AR photos, view dino collection, etc. Because sometimes I’m bored and just want to look at and play with my dinos, but have no internet.